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Total Coronavirus Cases Rise to 14 in Santa Clara County, Newsom Declares State of Emergency

The County of Santa Clara’s Public Health Department announced three new confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the County. Total number of cases is now 14.

The twelfth coronavirus case is adult male who is currently hospitalized. The exposure details are still under investigation.

The thirteenth and fourteenth cases are both adult males and are close contacts of an existing case. They are in isolation at home.


As for the two cases (10 and 11) confirmed yesterday, their exposure details are still under investigation.

For updates and a list of all the cases and their status, visit the County of Santa Clara’s Public Health Department’s website.

Today, Gov. Gavin Newsom decided to declare a State of Emergency proclamation for the State of California. The Governor also stated that currently 940,000 Californians are being monitored for coronavirus symptoms.

He also said that $37 million in emergency grants were approved by Congress today to help California’s coronavirus situation. He also highlighted that California already has $20 million in emergency funds. Newsom said the State of Emergency is not about getting more money to California but, instead, to get resources to the State.

The Governor also addressed concerns regarding the price gouging of resources like hand sanitizer. Newsom said they are working to address those retailers and help make the pricing fairer for residents. He said they have already made great progress with Amazon.

At a press conference, state officials offered condolences to the loved ones of the first death in California — the case was in Placer County. California currently has a total of 53 coronavirus cases. State officials also reminded residents that the risk to the general public is low, but to be cautious regarding those who are at higher risk, that is, the elderly, the young, and those with health conditions.

Newsom closed out the press conference saying that the State currently doesn’t have any recommendations to reduce regular social interactions.


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