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The Dolby Cinema Experience Comes to Santa Clara’s AMC Mercado 20

Moviegoers now have an elevated cinema experience in Santa Clara — AMC Mercado 20 is now home to a new Dolby Cinema.

When you walk into Mercado’s Dolby Cinema, you will notice the sleek black entrance that is unique from the other theater entrances. You step into a hallway and are greeted by a large screen featuring a scene from the movie you are about to enjoy.

When you enter the actual theater, you sink into your reserved spacious black leather recliner. There are barriers between the rows so, when seated, it’s just you and the screen — no distractions.


What sets Dolby Cinema at AMC apart is the combination of Dolby Vision laser projection imaging and Dolby Atmos immersive sound technologies.

“There is no better way to see a movie than at Dolby Cinema at AMC,” said Doug Darrow, Senior Vice President, Cinema Business Group, Dolby in a press release. “With incredible contrast, vivid color, and immersive audio, Dolby Cinema at AMC transports you into the story exactly as the filmmaker intended.”

The movie’s visuals come alive with greater brightness and darker darks to offer a more lifelike sense of depth, rendering colors and detail.

The theater’s 233 seats are not just for lounging, but also pulsate with the action. Combined with Skyscraper — Dwayne Johnson’s current action movie — the heart pounding moments can literally be felt throughout your body. The audio comes at you from all directions, even from above.

Skyscraper itself is a handsome pairing with the Dolby Cinema experience. Even if it isn’t your type of movie, the visuals are breathtaking and the audio grips you.

On the screen, you have the tallest building in the world on fire — you can’t feel the heat but you can see the beads of sweat on the characters’ faces and hear the flames crackle and consume the building.

The movie has a clear plot, a talented and racially diverse cast, and features a veteran with a physical disability as the main character, so if you want to experience Dolby Cinema, Skyscraper a solid choice — or you can wait for July 27 to watch Mission: Impossible – Fallout or watch Ant-Man and the Wasp, which is already out.

To find showtimes and purchase tickets, visit the theatre’s page at:


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