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The Cerulean Dental Spa Pampers Its Patients

The Cerulean Dental Spa Pampers Its Patients

When a patient walks into the Cerulean Dental Spa, they will be greeted by the friendly smiles of the check-in staff near the gently spinning mobile of pink butterflies and white flowers hanging from the ceiling. Not only is the spacious waiting area stocked with magazines for both children and adults, a drink bar with a variety of beverages is accessible to the thirsty patient. The relaxing music of Coldplay and other contemporary artists play from speakers. Since the Cerulean Dental Spa opened in 2003, patients have come from near and far for a comfortable visit to the dentist.

Once a patient rests on a patient chair, they can watch the television hovering above them during the treatment.


“When we do any kind of work, the patient gets to watch TV shows or movies,” says Dr. Judy Chen, dentist and co-owner of the Cerulean Dental Spa. “Sometimes our patients would laugh at something on the TV even while they’re being drilled.”

“People don’t usually look forward to seeing dentists,” says Dr. Tommy Lee, dentist and co-owner of the Cerulean Dental Spa. “Most dental offices give off a sterile environment. We want to give a warm environment to people when they walk in. Because we’re in Silicon Valley, we do incorporate a lot of technology to help us perform the best dentistry we can.”

One of the many technologies used at the dental spa include DIAGNOdent, a laser used to find cavities in lieu of the uncomfortable poking some dentists do to search for cavities. Another technology the dentists here use is CEREC, which is based on the use of an in-office machine that mills out a custom-made crown in one visit.

The Cerulean Dental Spa is popular with families because it offers services for both children and adults. Orthodontic services for a variety of braces, including Invisalign, are also provided at the same location. Parents are allowed to have their children observe their dental appointments so the children can be better prepared for their first visit with the dentist.

“We want kids to have a good, positive visit,” Dr. Lee says. “Before, dentists had to really have the child hold still when they look in their mouth. But now we have technologies so the child doesn’t have to be still when we look in their mouth.”

“Adults are often concerned about pain [during dental procedures],” he continues. “So we have this thing called Vibraject- it’s a device that gives a distraction to the patient so they don’t feel the administration of the anesthetic.”

Because Dr. Lee and Dr. Chen are passionate about oral health, they go to local schools sometimes to give talks about dental hygiene and food choices. Local pre-schools have also sent their students on field trips to the Cerulean Dental Spa.

“We encourage people to see their dentist for regular checkups because there are a lot of diseases that can really hurt you that stem from the mouth, including diabetes and cardiovascular problems,” Dr. Lee says. “If you’re pregnant, you should see your dentist for cleanings because studies have shown that mothers with a healthy mouth have children with a healthier birth weight than those who don’t.”

Visit or call (408) 988-1588 for more information.


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