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The Bar Method Opens in Santa Clara

The Bar Method Opens in Santa Clara

It’s time to get off that treadmill. Local residents are flocking to The Bar Method, a work-out facility that recently opened in the Rivermark neighborhood in Santa Clara. According to The Bar Method’s website, the benefits of practicing its method include burning fat, sculpting the body, refining muscles, and straightening the posture.

“The class involves a series of isometric moves followed by stretching,” says Stephanie Cho, one of the co-owners of The Bar Method. “Thigh work is a big part of the workout. You do these intense and small controlled movements, and then you stretch.”


“We use the ballet bar as our main tool to stretch with throughout the class,” adds Leslie Searson, another co-owner of the studio. “We work out all the core muscle groups in the body. The whole workout was developed by a physical therapist. Everything we do in class will help align your skeletal structure and strengthen all your muscles and joints.”

Cho and Searson distinguish between yoga and the bar method by pointing out that yoga places more emphasis on stretching. They also find the bar method easier to master than pilates. At the same time, Cho points out that the bar method continues to challenge her so she is never bored with its exercises.

“Why I love [the bar method] so much is because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done – it’s continuously challenging me and I always get to push myself,” she says. “I am one of those people who exercise regularly because I’m into fitness. From doing the bar method, the shape of my body has changed. I have the longer leaner look I’ve always wanted to achieve.”

“I got into the bar method four years ago,” Searson says. “I played soccer for years so I had achy knees and lower back pain. Doing the bar method helped me alleviate the pain.”

According to Searson, the classes at The Bar Method have been reaching capacity quite quickly. Cho adds that some of their classes already have wait lists. The attentive teachers and the goal-oriented workout program have contributed to the growing success of the business.

“We constantly correct students throughout class, both verbally and hands-on, to ensure they are in proper form – otherwise they will not get a proper workout,” Searson says.

“The point is for people to come repeatedly so they could see results,” Cho says. “[People who come frequently] become more familiar with the structure of the class so they can focus on the exercises.”

The owners also add that the studio comes with shower space, lockers, clean towels, shampoo, body wash, and lotions for members.

On March 17, The Bar Method in Santa Clara will be hosting a grand opening event where Burr Leonard, the founder of The Bar Method, will be present at the studio to teach classes to registered students. More details about this event and The Bar Method can be found on Want an idea of what to expect from your first class? Check out a recent post at


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