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Santa Clara Sets High Standard for IT Service

It’s human nature to take good service for granted and to complain about the bad. But it’s good to stop every now and again and reflect on the very high level of service that the City of Santa Clara delivers to residents – demonstrating a level of responsiveness that private businesses would do well to copy.

I went to the city website to download the agenda for the next Council Meeting. Instead of getting the agenda page, however, I received a cryptic “Server Error in ‘/’ Application” message.

Now, for all that we gripe about the unreliability of Internet communications, we almost always get to where we want on the Internet. So often, in fact, that I clicked on the agenda link several times before fully registering that there might be an error.


So I sent a quick email to the city IT department with a copy of the error message and information about my browser and operating system. (This is something, by the way, you should always take a minute to do when you get an error message because there’s no way that developers can test every possible combination of computer, operating system and browser that’s out there.)

Within half an hour I got a phone call from the city thanking me for the information, and letting me know they were working on the problem and when they expected it to be fixed.

Now, that’s what I call service.


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