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Sunnyvale City Council Seat #2 Candidate: Glenn Hendricks

The Silicon Valley Voice has invited local candidates running for office to speak directly to the voters via our website. We asked candidates for Sunnyvale City Council to tell voters, in a short essay, about the challenges and opportunities in their jurisdictions and their ideas for addressing problems and leveraging opportunities. 

My name is Mayor Glenn Hendricks.

I am running for re-election to the Sunnyvale City Council, Seat #2.


I am asking for your vote in this Novembers election.

During my time on the Council we have added 2 new parks, with more to come. We have expanded bike lanes. We are using street light technology to improve the efficiency of our roads and improve safety. We have raised the minimum wage and expanded the months of operation of the County Homeless Shelter. With my leadership, we have raised the age to purchase a rifle from 18 to 21. And we are making progress to help the save the environment.

With our Climate Action Plan, we have already achieved our 2020 goals for Green House gas reduction. With more action coming in our CAP 2.0 program.

Per the 2018 Grand Jury Report, Sunnyvale has a Jobs/Housing Ration of 1 to 1.07. One of the best in the County. But, regardless of the great work we have done to create more housing in Sunnyvale, we need and must do more. The Council continues to zone for more housing, with density near our transit corridors. As we have added more zoning, I have worked to ensure we have good transition with existing neighborhoods, so that we can continue our positive quality of life in the City.

As part of that quality of life, we have worked to continue to keep our residents safe. Sunnyvale has been ranked the Safest City in America for the third year in a row. We are able to achieve this with our great Department of Public Safety team and the engagement and involvement of our residents.

I have been on the Sunnyvale City Council for the last four- and one-half years. I have been your Mayor for the last two- and one-half years. During that time, I have worked to actively listen to our residents, and finds solutions to our challenges and make Sunnyvale a better place. I have strived to work collaboratively with residents, Staff and the Council.

I have tried to implement your values, to treat all people in the City with compassion and leave Sunnyvale a better place than when I first joined the Council.

My name is Glenn Hendricks – your Mayor. I am asking for your vote and support in this November election.


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