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Sunnyvale Art Club Members Prove They Get the Picture At Annual Art Show

After Sunnyvale Art Club’s Art Show was set up at the Sunnyvale Public Library on June 7, Sunnyvale Mayor Larry Klein stopped by to pick his favorite work of art for a special award. The winner was “Algae at the Refuge,” an acrylic painting by Mary Williamson.

“What I like about the piece is that it represents Sunnyvale’s marshlands at the north of the City,” Klein said. “And it’s sometimes difficult to capture the beauty of a marsh. What they’ve done here is they captured that beauty with the Bay in the background and the beauty of the wildflowers. I love all types of art, especially acrylics. I do a little bit of painting myself.”

“This exhibit is part of Sunnyvale Library’s program,” said Diana Yu Johnson, member of the Sunnyvale Art Club. “Most of the art will still be for sale after the show. People may contact the club to inquire about a piece.”


Artist Deepti Nanawati’s two paintings “Fire Poppy” and “Queen of Flowers” reveal her connection to California and her desire to honor the floral and fauna of the state.

“‘Fire Poppy’ is dedicated to the California poppy and the wildfires that happened. What this painting tells is that the California poppy and the fires are very natural to California’s native environment,” Nanawati said. “Fire is a sacred element and human activity has interceded with nature causing these kinds of disasters. ‘Queen of Flowers’ honors the matilja poppy, which comes up after the fires burn out and brings in other species to start the regeneration process.”

Nanawati also coordinated a painting called “Climate Resolved: Visions for the Earth: Earth as our children deserve.” Seventeen artists associated with the ArtCircle Studio teamed up to work on this piece. The painting looks like a large pie, with each slice painted by a different artist.

“Each segment represents a slice of earth, and each artist has put their most positive vision for a resolved climate and their changes they would like to see and leave for future generations,” Nanawati said. (Visit for the names of the participating artists and other details about this collaborative project.)

Artist Michelle Thomas won third place in the watercolor category for “Rusted Car.” Influenced by images of fish she photographed at a pet store, Thomas painted an acrylic piece featuring a trio of vibrant gold fish called “Gold Rush.”  Thomas also painted in watercolor a colorful beetle snacking on a leaf in “Busy Beetle,” inspired by an image of a bug that landed in her swimming pool a couple of summers ago.

“It’s my third year doing this show,” Thomas said. “It’s my first year winning a ribbon so it’s exciting. I’ve learned a lot from the other artists in this club and it’s a great place to make friends. The club and the people in it make you feel comfortable showing your work. We have monthly competitions which can build your confidence.”

The Art Show ran June 8-9. To learn more about the Sunnyvale Art Club visit


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  1. Deepti Nanawati 3 years ago

    The link in the article is not working: for names of participating artists and details of the eye opening art project “Climate Resolved: Visions for the Earth: Earth as our children deserve.” see the link here:

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