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SCVTA Launches Hybrid Bus Fleet

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (SCVTA) received the first two of 92 hybrid buses for the agency’s fleet. Every week since the mid-February, VTA has received approximately six buses per week. The agency plans to have the fleet fully operational in the coming months and will decommission most of the remaining diesel buses as the new ones roll out.

Each of the new hybrid buses run on the Allison eGen Flex Hybrid System and cost SCVTA approximately $822,800.

According to the maker’s website, “eGen Flex electric hybrid provides revolutionary capabilities and fully electric propulsion for up to 50% of route depending upon duty-cycle, without the added infrastructure requirements of full EV. Our advanced technology provides a fully electric mode with geofencing capabilities when entering zero-emission zones or depots, reducing emissions and noise levels, specifically in highly populated areas.”


In Santa Clara County, the Allison eGen Flex Hybrid System will allow the buses to operate in an all-electric mode for up to 10 miles. This will significantly reduce emissions and noise in sensitive areas. According to SCVTA, the system not only enables the buses to operate accessories such as air conditioning and heating more efficiently but also improves fuel economy by up to 25% compared to conventional diesel buses.

Key Features of SCVTA’s New Hybrid Buses

  • Equipped with the Allison eGen Flex Hybrid System for low emissions and fuel efficiency.
  • Enhanced passenger experience with a 36-passenger seat layout, USB mobile charging ports, and innovative wireless Stop Request Buttons.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime through the elimination of inefficient belt-driven accessories and electric hybrid regenerative braking.

With these new hybrid buses, VTA is set to offer its passengers a quieter, cleaner, and more efficient public transportation option.

As VTA moves forward with this exciting transition, the authority invites the community to join in celebrating this milestone towards a cleaner, greener future. Stay tuned for updates on the rollout and the positive impacts these buses will have on public transportation in Santa Clara County.

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