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Santa Clara Unified School District Closes Schools, Sets Up Guidelines for Parents

As ordered by Santa Clara County Public Health, the Santa Clara Unified School District (SCUSD) will close all of its schools starting on Monday, March 16 and ending Friday, April 3.

“The closing of any school has real consequences beyond the loss of instructional time. This is not an easy decision and not one we take lightly. We have been preparing for a possible closure,” said SCUSD Superintendent Dr. Stella M. Kemp in a message posted on the district’s website.

The closure will affect all elementary, middle and high schools as well as the Educational Options Campus which includes Adult Education. Infant and toddler care as well as preschools will close. The Family Resource Center and after school programs will also close.


During the closure, the district office will be open to staff but it will not be open to the public. District employees will still be answering calls during business hours.

SCUSD Public Information Officer Jennifer Dericco reiterated that no students or staff have tested positive test for COVID-19. She says the closure is about making sure the learning environment complies with new County Health Department standards moving forward.

“This is not in reaction to any kind of health emergency. It’s in order to be able to prepare ourselves to meet and comply with the guidelines that the County Health Department have put in place,” said Dericco. “It’s about how we are going to be able to adjust our operations and our teaching and learning environments to comply with the requirements for groupings.”

In the interim, the district is working on identifying optional educational resources for students. It has also created a plan to ensure students who rely on schools for breakfast and lunch continue to receive that service.

“Our Nutrition Services department will be providing drive-through service at selected school sites for families to pick up one meal per day to each child under 18 years of age, or developmentally disabled adults,” said Dr. Kemp in the message posted on the district’s website. “Children must be present to pick up a meal. This service will be open to all families in the district from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.”

Meals can be picked up at Mayne Elementary, Don Callejon School, Buchser Middle School, Peterson Middle School and Cabrillo Middle School. The district will consider expanding the program if there is demand for it.*

Dericco says the district will continue to update the website during the closure. SCUSD community members can find details at Details about the changes being implemented will also be released on the site as the closure nears its end.

*Update: After Tuesday, March 17, until further notice, breakfast and lunch for five days can be picked up at the following locations between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m on Mondays:

  • Mayne Elementary School, 5030 N First, Alviso
  • Don Callejon K-8 School, 4176 Lick Mill Blvd., Santa Clara
  • Buchser Middle School, 1111 Bellomy St, Santa Clara
  • Peterson Middle School, 1380 Rosalia Ave, Sunnyvale
  • Cabrillo Middle School, 2550 Cabrillo Ave, Santa Clara

This meal service allows families to pick up five days worth of breakfasts and lunches for each child under 18 years of age, or developmentally disabled adults. Children must be present to pick up a meal. Meals will be distributed on a “grab and go” basis so, if you drive, please stay in your car. If you are walking, please keep at least six feet between each group. Please do not come if you are sick. More information at


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