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Santa Clara Unified School District Candidate: Vickie Fairchild

The Santa Clara Weekly has invited local candidates running for office to speak directly to the voters via our pages and website. We asked candidates for Santa Clara Unified School District and to tell voters, in a short essay, about the challenges and opportunities in their jurisdictions and their ideas for addressing problems and leveraging opportunities. Here are their answers.

After many years of advocating on behalf of students and teachers in the Santa Clara Unified School District, I am running to be a Trustee for Area 2 on the School Board.

I will bring a unique perspective to the role of board trustee because I understand how board decisions affect students, families, and teachers.  I have worked as an educator – as a teacher, counselor, and school psychologist – in all levels of public schools.  My children attend district schools, and I have volunteered regularly in their classrooms. As a resident of Santa Clara, I have taken a personal interest in the development of school policy and have attended board meetings for many years. I have also been in many leadership roles where planning, follow through and accountability have been required.  I would love to bring these skills to the school board.


My focus will be on meeting the needs of all students so that they can achieve their individual potential. Key to this success is fostering collaborative relationships with parents, families, and staff. We need to return to sound fiscal management and spend our money where it matters most – in the classroom and preparing students for the future. Additionally, we must hold our leadership accountable and respond appropriately to concerns.

I am very excited to make a positive difference in Santa Clara schools! I ask for your vote.

Vickie Fairchild


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