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Santa Clara Police Report: December 22 – January 4

The Police Blotter highlights a partial list of incidents in the city and is distributed on a weekly basis. The Blotter provides the date, time, approximate location, a narrative summary of the incident, case number and the most serious arrest charge.

Meanwhile, the Arrest Log provides a timely, chronological summary of all the arrests made by the Santa Clara Police Department. It includes the name of the suspect(s), date of birth, city in which they reside, arrest date, time, location, case number as well as all of the charge(s) associated with the arrest. This information, located on the Santa Clara Police Department’s home page (, is updated daily and serves as the most comprehensive list of arrests made.


Sunday, December 22, 2019


Vandalism – Felony

Location: 4500 Block of Billings Circle

A reporting party contacted Public Safety Dispatchers regarding four unknown subjects who used an unknown means to shatter windows on four locked vehicles parked on Billings Circle. In each case, the vehicles glove compartments were rummaged through. In one case, items were stolen.

While responding to this incident, Public Safety Dispatchers were informed of a single vehicle rollover accident in the area of Lick Mill Boulevard and Tasman Drive. The vehicle in the collision matched the description from the reporting party regarding the thefts from the vehicles. A witness observed four subjects fleeing on foot following the accident.

It was later learned the vehicle in the rollover collision was reported stolen from the City of San Jose.

A search of the area did not yield the subjects.

Time: 0006

Case Number: 18-1222002


Monday, December 23, 2019

Strong Arm Robbery

Location: 3200 Block of Mission College Boulevard

A female victim was shopping on the 3200 block of Mission College Boulevard and loading bags into the trunk of her vehicle when two male subjects approached her from behind and attempted to forcibly pull her purse from her arm. The subjects got into a vehicle and fled the scene.

Approximately $900 in property was stolen as well as credit cards, mail belonging to the victim and an identification card.

The suspects have not been identified.

Time: 2040

Case Number: 19-1223203


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Thefts from Vehicles

Location: Worthington Circle and Rousseau Place

At approximately 0320 hours, officers were dispatched to the area of Worthington Circle and Rousseau Place on the report of a vehicle burglary in progress. The reporting party witnessed four subjects breaking car windows.

Upon police arrival, the subjects had fled the area. A total of nine vehicles had been burglarized.

Time: 0320

Case Numbers: 19-1224014, 19-1224017, 19-1224018, 19-1224019, 19-1224020, 19-1224021, 19-1224022, 19-1224023, 19-1224024


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Driving Under the Influence

Location: El Camino Real and McCormick Drive

An officer observed a vehicle straddling lanes in the westbound direction in the eastbound lanes of El Camino Real. The officer initiated a traffic enforcement stop however the vehicle suddenly accelerated as the officer was exiting the patrol car. The officer got back in the patrol vehicle, activated emergency equipment and the vehicle pulled over on McCormick Drive.

Upon contact, the male driver displayed objective symptoms of alcohol intoxication. The subject performed the Standardized Field Sobriety tests and a Preliminary Alcohol Screening test. His blood alcohol content was measured at 0.232% and 0.209% blood alcohol content. He was arrested and transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 1849

Case Number: 19-1225092


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Location: 3200 Block of Victor Street

Officers responded to the 3200 block of Victor Street for a man down. An employee of a nearby business found a co-worker unconscious in the parking lot near his parked vehicle and contacted Public Safety Dispatchers.

Both SCPD and the Santa Clara Fire Department responded. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Time: 1134

Case Number: 19-1226-58


Friday, December 27, 2019

Residential Burglary

Location: 400 Block of Luther Drive

Between 0630 and 0830 hours, an unknown suspect(s) pried open a locked garage side door, entered the garage and stole two bicycles. The loss is valued at approximately $1,000. The suspect(s) are unknown and outstanding.

Time: 0909

Case Number: 19-1227027


Saturday, December 28, 2019


Location: 2600 Block of Homestead Road

An officer responded to the 2600 block of Homestead Road on the report of an attempted purchase with a counterfeit bill.

Upon arrival, the officer learned a male subject ordered approximately $37 in food with a counterfeit $100 bill. When the restaurant employee went to get a pen to test the bill, the subject in question left the restaurant with a female subject.

On contact, a Records check revealed the male subject had a warrant for his arrest. Meanwhile, the female subject falsely identified herself to police. Through investigation, officers learned her identity and discovered she had three warrants for her arrest. Both parties were arrested and transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 2051

Case Number: 19-1228160


Sunday, December 29, 2019

False Identification

Location: 3900 Block of Rivermark Plaza

An officer conducted a license plate check on a vehicle parked on the 3900 block of Rivermark Plaza. The return indicated the registration expired in 2018, however the vehicle displayed a 2020 registration sticker. The officer initiated contact with a male subject associated with the vehicle.

On contact, the subject falsely identified himself to the officer. His identity was discovered, and he was arrested and transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 1543

Case Number: 19-1229117


Monday, December 30, 2019


Location: Kiely Boulevard and Pruneridge Avenue

Officers, working a partner unit, observed a vehicle being driven by a female subject traveling northbound on Woodhams Road at a high rate of speed. The vehicle crossed over double yellow lines and drove against traffic, to pass a vehicle traveling at the speed limit before driving through a four-way stop sign. The vehicle continued and made a right turn against a stale red traffic signal. The officers initiated a traffic enforcement stop and the subject pulled over in the area of Kiely Boulevard and Pruneridge Avenue. She was arrested and booked at SCPD’s temporary holding facility. The vehicle was towed.

Time: 1436

Case Number: 19-1230111


Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Location: 1700 Block of Bowers Avenue

Public Safety Dispatchers received a call for service regarding a male subject sleeping on the front lawn of a home on the 1700 block of Bowers Avenue.

Upon arrival, the officer noted the subject’s shoes, wallet and cell phone on the grass nearby. The officer greeted the subject and asked if he was ok. The subject displayed objective symptoms of alcohol intoxication and began to put his shoes on while speaking with the officer. The subject did not comply with the officer’s orders to stay seated on the grass. Instead, the subject stood up, became increasingly hostile, took a fighting stance and a fight ensued. Eventually, the officer was able to back away from the subject and draw their Department issued conducted electrical weapon (CEW). The officer ordered the subject to stay seated. The subject stood up and the officer deployed the CEW in order to place the subject in custody. The subject continued to be non-compliant while in custody.

A Records check revealed the subject had two warrants for his arrest and was on searchable probation.

Per Department protocol, the Santa Clara Fire Department was summoned to the scene and transported to a local hospital to be medically cleared before being transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

During the assault, the officer was struck in the face and jaw. The officer was treated and released at a local hospital.

Time: 1600

Case Number: 19-1231104


Wednesday, January 1, 2020  

Driving Under the Influence

Location: 1600 Block of Stardust Court

Public Safety Dispatchers received a call regarding a traffic collision in the area of Stardust Court and Monroe Street.

On arrival, an officer learned several witnesses detained a male subject after he attempted to flee the scene on foot. The subject’s vehicle had collided with several parked cars.

The subject admitted to driving, failed all the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and was unable to complete the Preliminary Alcohol Screening. He was arrested and transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 2239

Case Number: 20-101177


Thursday, January 2, 2020

Petty Theft

Location: 3000 Block of Stevens Creek Boulevard

An officer was deployed to the 3000 block of Stevens Creek Boulevard on the report of a petty theft.

A female subject stole items valued at $177 and was detained by a Loss Prevention Officer. A Records check revealed the subject had three warrants. A search of her person yielded burglary tools. She was arrested and transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 1153

Case Number: 20-102081


Friday, January 3, 2020


Location: 3900 Block of Rivermark Parkway

A victim went to a cell phone store on the 3900 block of Rivermark Parkway to upgrade a cell phone. While reviewing the account, it was determined an additional phone line had been opened fraudulently. The cell phone account was terminated, and the police were contacted.

Time: 1705

Case Number: 20-103164


Saturday, January 4, 2020


Location: 3700 Block of Thomas Road

A male subject entered a store on the 3700 block of Thomas Road, pointed a revolver at the cashier, and told the cashier to give him everything in the cash register. The cashier complied and the subject fled the scene with approximately $87. The subject is unknown and remains at large.

Time: 1615

Case Number: 20-104158


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