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Santa Clara Homeowner Amps Up His Halloween Display

This year’s crop of Halloween decorators is welcoming a new top contender. Roger of Pepper Tree Lane just won District 4’s award in the annual Halloween decorating contest.

Roger has lived in the home on the corner of Pepper Tree Lane and Marietta Drive for 13 years. Every year, he’s scoped out the best post-Halloween deals to find new additions to his decorations at a discount. However, this year, his focus on Halloween increased.

“Because they didn’t have Haunted Mansion decorations in the past. But I love me some Disney Haunted Mansion,” said Roger.


The Disney inflatables were featured prominently in Roger’s outdoor display, though they weren’t the only things to seal his award. In fact, he says he submitted the photos before he even put the inflatables out.

The real feature was the nearly 100 pumpkin buckets he strung together with lights. He also lit up the yard, something that had an unforeseen consequence.

“There is so much ambient glow that some of the solar lights have stopped working because they turn off automatically,” said Roger. “I need to move the panel so it actually gets less light.”

Roger says he added the inflatables, which included a dragon and some Haunted Mansion ghosts, after he submitted his photo to the City because he thought it would better enhance his goal for the whole display.

“I like doing the child safe stuff, like not the spooky stuff,” said Roger. “This year is the first year I put out the inflatables. The dragon is a recurring thing, and it only comes out one day a year so that’s a first.”

While Roger’s Halloween decorating game was strong, he says it’s nothing compared to what he does at Christmas.

“This is also to complement my insane Christmas stuff which is bigger than this. My power meter’s off the off the rails for Christmas,” said Roger.

As is tradition, Santa Clara’s Cultural Commission singled out a home in each of Santa Clara’s six districts to receive an award.

Some, like District 2’s winner on Keith Lane, featured scary 12 feet tall glowing skeletons. While the winner on Nobili Avenue in District 3 had skeletons dancing in the home’s windows.

The citywide winner of the contest was the home on Harold Avenue, just a block from Stevens Creek Boulevard. The house featured an intricate pirate’s cove complete with a ship’s wheel ad possible hidden treasure.

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