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Major Retailers Closing in Santa Clara

The Safeway on Stevens Creek Boulevard next to Westfield Valley Fair closed its doors on Nov. 3 after more than two-thirds of a century serving the Santa Clara community.

“The Safeway situated next to Westfield Valley Fair will close in November with the expiration of their lease,” said Sue Newsom, Senior General Manager at Westfield Valley Fair. “We are grateful for their valued partnership and for servicing the community for the past 67 years.

“While specific plans for the space remain under consideration, we commit to keeping the public informed as we pave the way for the future,” Newsom continued.

According to Safeway, the store closed because it was not “meeting financial expectations.”

Shadowed by the nearby Santana Row and the newly updated Westfield Valley Fair, the grocery store had begun to look out of place amid its surrounding buildings. Westfield has completed several new expansions at the site in the past few years including the addition of a digital district, several new large food establishments and new parking structures.

While this Safeway is closing, there are still three Safeway locations in Santa Clara – The Alameda, Rivermark Plaza and on Homestead Road. The Safeway at 5146 Stevens Creek Blvd. in San Jose near Lawrence Expressway will also remain open.

Santa Clara Rite Aid Closing

Meanwhile, Rite Aid announced that it is closing over 150 stores. Among the stores, 31 of them are in California and one is in Santa Clara.

The Rite Aid at 2620 El Camino Real is expected to close in the middle of November. The Rite Aid at 20572 Homestead Road in Cupertino is also closing.

Rite Aid filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in mid-October and announced the closures as part of an effort to restructure the company.

Other major pharmacies, including CVS and Walgreens, have said that they will also close stores. However, so far, there are no details on which stores will be closing and when.

  1. doe 7 months ago

    so many empty buildings but no affordable housing for people.

  2. doe 7 months ago

    so many empty buildings but no affordable housing for people

  3. Miss M 7 months ago

    The Santa Clara Rite Aid shut down on Halloween.

  4. Ammy Woodbury 7 months ago

    The Safeway at Valley Fair was so run down as to be undesirable when I lived within walking distance back in 1996. I would drive down Stevens Creek to get the the one at Lawrence. Little ever changed as the mall was grown and Town and Country was torn down in favor of Santana Row. Perhaps the more amazing part is that it lasted this long.

  5. Jim Brown 7 months ago

    I grew up in Santa Clara in the 1950s and graduated from Santa Clara High in 1962.
    It was about7,000 when I started grade school in 1950. The Carmelite Monastery was at the edge of town and the little downtown near the university was strewn along Franklin Street. Santa Clara High School was a beautiful 2 story brick building,
    It was a great place to grow up.

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