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Milestones: Who cares? – Opinion

When you see mobs rioting, looting, burning down businesses and buildings, who cares?

When petty thieves can walk into a store, help themselves, and walk out, who cares?

When a thief steals your kid’s bike and boldly rides off…who cares?


When you find your car has been stripped and vandalized, so what?

You might think these are isolated issues taking place somewhere else and certainly not in the Santa Clara community.

If you think these issues happen in a few select distant cities and not here, think again.

There was a time not that long ago that California had laws that were enforced. This is no longer the case.

Laws and their enforcement are rapidly joining the Dodo bird and becoming extinct.

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, it falls more into the category of “The absence of common sense” in our legislators’ offices.

We cannot have a society or a country without enforced laws that have teeth.

We are leaving the arena of law, order, and common sense in exchange for a society creating a chaotic “free for all.”

When good people make bad people good, the result is chaos.

Protests targeting police have fueled the inferno of distrust on both sides. While every police force has bad cops, every neighborhood has dishonest residents.

Permitting crooks to steal and vandalize without fear of retribution is a hall pass endorsing their freedom to pillage and steal at will.

Who cares?

Mobs of indiscretion who loot and burn private property have exceeded their right to “protest.” They cannot create right by destroying what is already right.

Business and property owners have worked for decades to create a means to provide for themselves, their employees and their families. They have in turn paid property taxes, payroll taxes, permit fee taxes, income taxes which all go to government agencies. Agencies that are charged with the duty to serve, enforce, and protect.

When police advertised, “commit a crime and go to jail” we had law and order. Now it is known among crooks and thieves, “commit a crime and you get a traffic ticket.” The results are predictably useless.

So, who cares?

If you have been a victim, you do. If you know someone that has been victimized, they do.

Tell your State Representative you want real government of and for the people. You and your neighbors who pay taxes deserve, expect and demand law, order, and retribution.

If you don’t care, who will?


  1. Penny 3 years ago

    Very well said!

  2. James 3 years ago

    Wow, calling for retribution? Have you ever heard the saying that. “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind?” Instead of mistrusting your neighbors (“ever neighborhood has dishonest residents” – really?) why don’t you try to get to know some of them? You might even have some empathy for those protesting, as no one takes to the streets without reason. Instead of looking to build barriers between us, we should be building links that bind us. In the end, we are all in this together and, while differences of opinion and conflict will occur, we need to recognize our common humanity first.

  3. Marni 3 years ago

    To piggyback on James’ comment: folks should also remember that protestors ≠ rioters and rioters ≠ protestors. Even when you don’t agree with them, protestors are fully within their rights. Rioters, by engaging in criminal activity, are not – even when you agree with them.

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