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Milestones: Where are the 49ers? – Opinion

It was only a few months ago, prior to the elections, critics were complaining that “If Anthony Becker, Suds Jain and Kevin Park were elected, the 49ers would run Santa Clara along with Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy.”

Well, all three candidates won and not any of the new Council Members were funded by the 49ers.

More interesting and noticeable is the absence of the 49ers.


The money that Jed York spent during this last campaign was against Mayor Lisa Gillmor’s candidates. Not a dime was taken by the independents that won. Simply stated, our new Council Members did it on their own, with their own money, their own energy, and their own time.

It is amazing that after being the lead spokesman and supporter for the Stadium, Mayor Lisa Gillmor turned into the Wicked Witch of the West. Her brewing pot turned out a potion of pitiful and painful pretenses proposing the 49ers were postulating imposters.

However, after 10 years, the anti-stadium throng and Mayor Gillmor’s criticism have lost their luster. The stadium is built, the team is successful, and the only thing the 49ers have done is pump millions into the Santa Clara economy.

Here is the bottom line. The City of Santa Clara’s finances suck! Not because of the 49ers, but in part due to Santa Clara’s failure to work with the 49ers and manage the City’s budget.

The stadium will open again and there will be tens of thousands of visitors.

You would have to guess the new Council will at least talk with the 49ers as partners — as opposed to being treated as pirating profiteers.

A word to the Stand up for Santa Clara critics: It is time to get over the anti-stadium discord in exchange for acceptance. What is, is. Make the most of it. Can the 49ers help Santa Clara out of our $42 million deficit? Smart money and smart people say “yes.”

Consider this: Jed York spent three million alone on the last election; not to take over the City of Santa Clara, but to elect leaders he could actually consult and partner with. Benefitting from a real partnership is not poison. It is positive power to promote pride, performance, and profit. Three things Santa Clara could use right now.

Make this observation when looking at Levis Stadium and the 49ers and you would immediately realize they know how to create value and wealth.

Consider: the 49ers have a player payroll alone of $200 million and a value of more than $3 billion. Could and would they have some income ideas for Santa Clara?

Promoting a productive partnership is powerfully more profitable rather than harshly hitting on the hand of help.


  1. Mark Apton 3 years ago

    The generally accepted (and I believe documented) opinion is that all the new council members shared in the $4M the 49rs spent on their campaigns.

  2. 3 years ago

    True. But having a 5-2 majority, the majority can’t even get this done. Go figure. In office for 4 months the majority can’t this easy done?
    Disappointing. To say the least.

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