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Milestones: To change you need to change! – Opinion

Dysfunctional government leads to confusion, chaos, and even collapse. While we may have this as an issue on the national scene, Santa Clara appears to have its own baggage with which to deal.

The past six years under the rule of Mayor Lisa Gillmor and her handpicked majority on City Council created a casualty list and replacement of long-term City staff. This included the ousting of two City Managers, a Chief Financial Officer, the Director of Public Works, and a bright City Attorney.

Others left when they no longer desired to participate in the objectives of Gillmor and her gang.


It was a sad day when former City Clerk Rod Diridon, Jr. abruptly resigned following the emasculation of his office duties. Diridon could not be ousted like many of his peers because he was elected by the voters. But seeing the evidence of the Mayor’s direction and intention, the options offered Diridon were bleak for a collaborative and synergetic future.

Then came the purging of the City entities that could publicly stand and state opposition to Gillmor’s game. One of the first was an audit on the 49ers’ activities that was supposed to blow the lid off shenanigans by the stadium managers. What did the $70,000 audit uncover? Nothing.

This was followed by an audit of the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber had managed the convention center for nearly 40 years. They had just reported a $2.2 million profit for the year.

Leaving nothing to chance this time, the auditor was handpicked, essentially told what the outcome should be, and, with calculated precision, was directed to decimate the Chamber. She did.

Some very good people and organizations have fallen as Gillmor’s group swung their scimitar, decapitating any and all who might raise objections.

But then came the voters in 2020.

“Enough,” they said by their votes and brought new energy to the Council. This has provided a total of five independent thinkers.

While it is still early, the new coalition has yet to provide objectives in a unified voice. While Gillmor has used the Brown Act to prevent the new Council from governing, there is a lot of talent on this Council.

It is time for this talent to emerge and take leadership responsibility.

Council Members, you were elected because voters wanted change.

You have the majority and are charged with making healthy decisions.

To ensure you are proceeding correctly, you need sound and accurate legal counsel.

Why is City Attorney Brian Doyle still employed?


  1. Hmmm 3 years ago

    You, sir, are an absolute kook if you think there is any talent with any of these new council members. They are a joke and an embarrassment to our city!

  2. Wesley Mukoyama 3 years ago

    Thank you Miles for your pointed comments. I also wonder why Brian Doyle is still there. He violated ethics when he withheld information about a bid from the Plaintiff lawyers California Civil Rights Act who won a decision to change the voting districts to 6 from At Large Voting. When the City was informed in 2011 about the violation of the Civil Rights law, they ignored it. in 2018, tried to pass 3 districts through Measure A and continued to defy the ruling in 2020 by trying to pass another bill, Measure C, for 2 districts. Both measures lost when the voters decided they wanted the 6 districts. As a result when Doyle did not tell the City Council about the bid, they continued to. appeal the ruling, which in the end cost us $5.8 million from uur taxpayers pockets, not theirs, the mayor and the City Council at the time. As one of the Plaintiffs, I am. not happy with Mr Doyle’s actions.

    Again thank you for Carolyn Schuk’s article last week about the history of the Ruling. It was precise and very fair and correct.

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