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Milestones: The Repeat of History – Opinion

Three famous statesmen from different generations addressed the same issue in similar statements. “Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of our fathers are sure to repeat them.”

Spoken originally by Irish stateman, Edmund Burke; later by Spanish Philosopher, George Santana; and most recently by Englishman, Sir Winston Churchill. Their words are now embers yet, remind us of their importance in the climate of the moment.

The current culture transition being foisted on America is almost unbelievable. Where and when did the American dream collapse into the nightmare and idea to cancel culture? Where and when did America succumb to such bogus realities?


In only the past generation, propaganda minister of Germany, Joseph Goebbels, convinced an entire population that a minority of people, those of Jewish heritage and descent were the root of all evil. Did we forget or fail to learn from this recent history?

Books were burned, culture was cancelled, wrong became right, and right was whatever and only what the government approved.

In America, land of the free and home of the brave, there appears to a U turn philosophically in progress.

The basic principle of freedom is founded on the right of all men and women to live, work and play free from government-imposed oversight or approval.

Over the past year, American cities have been burned, looted, and decimated. In the name of “protest” an American right, these acts were done with immunity. Thousands of citizens lost their life’s work, their business, their dreams. Local police were restricted from their job “to serve and protect” by local politicians.

Peaceful protest is promised to all participants in America, regardless of faith, belief, or position.

Protestors are promised protection as are those being protested.

Political powers which permit participants to plunder, and pillage, under the name of protesting is not a right. Yet, they were permitted more rights than property owners who were not given the same protections. A pitiful plight on the power of impractical politicians.

Those of us in the older generation shake our heads in disbelief. The facetious fact that law and order is passe is pitiful. The idea of defunding the police does not create a license for anyone to destroy and decimate.

When wrong becomes right, it leads to one of two outcomes: revolution or restoration and recovery.

Let us pray for sanity to return to our communities for as we know from history, if we don’t learn from the mistakes of our fathers, we will and are repeating them.


  1. joe siecinski 3 years ago

    Amen!! Rights are for everyone not just the one the media points out.

  2. Al 3 years ago

    I could not agree more. Being from former Soviet Union, I’m in disbelieve of what is going on right now in America. I hope that America and its silent majority are strong enough to withstand this current period in American history.

  3. Ian 3 years ago

    No mention of the Capitol insurrection in your post. I wonder why not?

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