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Milestones – Swift’s Saga a Sensation! – Opinion

Most noticeable from the Taylor Swift concerts was the absence of distracting incidents. No one ripped off their clothes and attacked the stage. There were no fist fights, knife fights and not even one noise complaint from the nearest resident, or any resident.

When you consider Swift’s concerts ended around 11:30 p.m. and it took nearly two hours to clear the parking lots, yet there was not one complaint filed with the Santa Clara PD. It was a small miracle. In fact, it was a stellar hit for Santa Clara.

The only complaints we could find were from Santa Clara’s Mayor Lisa Gillmor and her council compatriot Kathy Watanabe. They both want to be sure that the 49ers Management Company is fined for exceeding curfew (11:00 p.m.) and setting off pyrotechnics at the conclusion of Swift’s incredible performances. Objections seem to be Gillmor’s only version of fireworks.


You may remember that Gillmor and her council majority passed a curfew with penalties when she controlled the council. Gillmor has continued her one-sided feud with the 49ers for nearly a decade and you must admit, she does have persistence. Not necessarily logic, but persistence.

Meanwhile, back at the stadium, 68,000 fans a night were being blown away by one of the entertainment miracles of our time. Taylor Swift captivated fans with her non-stop energy-packed performances.

Selling out super shows like Taylor Swift at Levi’s Stadium is sensational for Santa Clara. In fact, the ancillary benefits to the entire Bay Area are a bonus as so many entities participate in the concert-related activity. An added benefit was the level of respect and appreciation by Swift’s fans during her two shows. Having 68,000 fans together anywhere without an incident is a minor miracle of its own. And this was not the case just once, but twice.

Thank you, Ms. Swift, for coming to Levi’s in Santa Clara. Your shows were loved by your faithful fans, fastidious followers and new friends who will forever feel fortunate in following your fame.


  1. Jim 9 months ago

    Four points. One: As far as I know, there was no “illegally parked cars” in nearby neighborhood, unlike soccer tournaments and NFL events. Those that own the cars leave a lot of trash on the sidewalks and gutters, and those “illegally parked cars” should be towed. (I don’t know what the exact parking fees are, but off hand I would say they are too high.) Two: On weekend nights, Friday and Saturday, there should be no curfew, or midnight at least. Three: Invite Taylor Swift back. Four: Mayor Lisa Gilmore should be fined for opening her mouth.

  2. W. S. 8 months ago

    There are three points to bring up regarding the Taylor Swift concert. 1) It was a tremendous boost for the image of Santa Clara and the Stadium that the concert was such a success. 2) There seems to be a lot of complaints about the fireworks and noise from concerts, however for the past 40+ years, Great America has been setting off fireworks multiple times per month during the summer and no one seems to be bringing that up as an issue. Why do Gilmore and Watanabe not make an issue of that, yet they complain about the noise from concerts? 3) The Santa Clara Police stated they would not allow “Taygating” and large crowds to congregate around the stadium, yet Kathy Watanabe said that people were welcome to come to the area and enjoy the music from outside the stadium. Isn’t that in direct violation of the requirements issued by the Police Department? Isn’t Kathy Watanabe, AS A COUNCIL MEMBER, supposed to support the requirements of the Police Department (who issue these requirements for safety purposes)? WOW! Apparently, she is able to set her own agenda in direct opposition to the Police Department so that she can get bonus points for being a “Swifty”! I think Kathy Watanabe needs to remember that she is representing all aspects of the City of Santa Clara and not just a popularity vote.

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