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Milestones: Still Champions

Our 49ers were Super Bowl Champions for three quarters. But their magical season ended in the final quarter as Patrick Mahomes dissected our defense, came from behind and scored 20 unanswered points.

While the glory went to Kansas City, the tremendous talent of the 49ers has got to be acknowledged. Their rise to NFC Champions was a tenacious and determined feat of teamwork, great coaching and united spirit.

You just have to believe these young men have bonded, believed and become the premier favorite team to return next year with a renewed vision for victory.


Congratulations again to our Champions and what they have brought to Santa Clara. The 49ers are a tremendous asset and compliment to the Santa Clara community.

With the football season behind us, we now look to what lies ahead in the smoldering feud between the City of Santa Clara and the 49ers Management Company, which manages the stadium.

Frankly, the playmakers at City Hall have fumbled the ball. When you consider the thousands of voters of Santa Clara who passed Measure J to build Levi’s Stadium, it is a slap in the face to these residents to be overruled by four Council Members.

Nearly 60% of Santa Clara voters made it clear they wanted the stadium to be built and operated in the Entertainment District.

Upon completion, the 49ers proved their management skills by returning millions to Santa Clara’s general fund.

But then, a dark and deceptive plot was hatched by Mayor Gillmor and her three Council cronies. These four Council Members used a questionable and suspect survey to shut down stadium weeknight performances after 10 p.m. Their reason was excessive noise.

Of course, this decision turned off the spigot of high-end performers capable of packing Levi’s. No world class tour group or feature entertainer wishes to shut down their performance by 10 p.m. on a weeknight or any night.

The results were predictable and panned out just as the Mayor planned. She actually wanted the 49ers Management Company to fail. If she and her Council could take over the stadium management, she could cut the 49ers out of their share of the revenue stream.

It just doesn’t seem right that the will of four people should override the decision of tens of thousands of residents. Residents benefitted from the millions of dollars that were being paid into the Santa Clara general fund that are now gone. All due to these four people who enforced a curfew at Levi’s three or four nights a year.

And now you want to raise taxes?

What are these Council Members smoking?


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