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Milestones – SF 49ers Rip the Rams! – Opinion

The 49ers beat the Rams thanks to teamwork. Publisher Miles Barber says Santa Clara mayoral candidate Anthony Becker also understands team play.

Making it six wins in a row over the Rams, the 49ers returned to life with gusto. The recent addition of Bay Area favorite, Christian McCaffrey was the not-so-secret sauce.

You have heard of a triple threat, usually referring to a team’s multiple skills. In this case, it was McCaffrey who performed the three-way test, running for a touchdown, catching a Garoppolo pass for a touchdown and surprise, surprise, throwing for a touchdown.

These are the 49ers the Bay Area loves, Santa Clara loves, and who have done more for the community nonprofits, schools and community programs than any major corporation in the area.


And, the good news is, they are partners with Santa Clara and will continue to participate in the community for the next 30 years.

To make matters magnificent, Santa Clara is close to having a new mayor and a majority of council members who understand team play.

If you read the anti-49er blog in town, you would think the contributors are from another planet. They just don’t get it.

Having a mayor who is a one-song singer might work if it was the right tune. However, Lisa Gillmor has proven she is an off-tune singer, not a team player and not a triple threat to score for the City.

Ask yourself this question, “Is your city better off today than four years ago?” If you are honest with your answer, you would do what the 49ers did. Make a trade to benefit the team and in this case, a trade that would benefit Santa Clara.

Council Member Anthony Becker is running for mayor. Becker may be a rookie at politics but he has demonstrated he is a professional at ethics.

The recent refusal by labor to endorse Gillmor is like dropping a pass in the end zone. The Mercury News does not endorse Gillmor and that is like a fumble on the one-yard line. Smart money indicates Anthony Becker would be a better team player, he’d respect his teammates and would score big for the City.

Folks, we are down to the two-minute warning and on the two-yard line. You are the coach and what play are you going to call?

This really is a pivotal moment. Will it be a play that hasn’t worked in four years or a new one that has a real opportunity to win the game?


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