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Milestones – Mayor’s Race a Deadlock! – Opinion

Sitting in a virtual tie, challenger Anthony Becker and current mayor Lisa Gillmor are within 60 votes as we go to press.

As you read this column, the winner will most likely still not be known.

Interesting what we see in this race. Gillmor has garnered her followers, who are motivated to give Santa Clara four more years of controversy.


Running neck and neck with Gillmor, challenger Anthony Becker desires to fulfill his promise to reel in City spending, balance the budget, take advantage of the stadium revenue and end the council bickering.

This is the first time Gillmor has been in danger of ever losing an election in Santa Clara since 1994. Should she win, it will certainly provide a wheelbarrow of fodder for this writer.

If Becker wins, more attention can be given to what can be in Santa Clara. As we view the council and the issues, there are multiple objectives that will be addressed in the next few months and the year ahead.

Yes, the budget is important, and when you review the potential revenue streams available to the City that, if properly used, will ensure that Santa Clara excels again. When the focus is directed to opportunity, the City is positioned to benefit residents, businesses and corporations in multiple ways.

Voters have already decided to focus on candidates who inject that marvelous gift called common sense. The re-election of Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy are clear mandates for these council representatives to bring us more healthy decisions and actions that benefit our bottom line. The opponents put up by Mayor Gillmor against Chahal and Hardy became “also ran” rejects.

Congratulations to Raj and Karen, who have demonstrated their skills in making sound decisions and bringing collegiality back to the council.

One thing you can be sure of; whether Becker or Gillmor wins the Mayor’s race, the council majority will lean toward common sense, as opposed to running amuck and making decisions filled with spurious spending.


  1. Another SC Resident 1 year ago

    One thing you can be sure of: whether Becker or Gillmor wins the Mayor’s race, the council majority will lean toward the 49er’s, and a message has been sent that you need a billionaire backer with the initials J and Y to win an election in Santa Clara.

  2. Buchser Alum 1 year ago

    Gillmor’s lead grows with every batch of votes counted. She will probably win by 700 to 800 votes and by a percentage margin closer to 3% than 2%. Despite $2,500,000 being spent on Becker with most of that being spending on negative attacks on her. And most of the $2,000,000 spent on Chahal and Hardy being spent on negative attacks on Gillmor too.

    No matter how you feel about Gillmor or Becker or the stadium the Forty Niners spending is a massive story. In Santa Clara we have never seen millions spent against one local politician like this but you and your publication have no interest in ever remarking on this. Only continually grinding your political axe against Gillmor.

    At least you are honest about how a Gillmor win means you will editorialize against her for the next four years. Preemptively dedicating yourself to this without even the disclaimer that this depends on her actions and statements justifying it.

    At least you are honest about that. I would prefer if you were more dedicated to running an honest journalistic news publication.

    It would be better for the city. But you do not seem to be dedicated to serving the truth or the city.

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