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Milestones: Recovery Soon?

If you own a business and are considered essential, you may be open with restrictions. Failing the essential test, may heaven help you.

Newspapers must fall into the essential category since we continue to print and deliver. However, the businesses that advertise and support the newspaper industry, including The Weekly, are closed or open with limited service. Every week is a new challenge.

We will continue to report our community news, thanks to our readers and subscribers.  You make it possible to bring local news to our community.


Businesses have been brutally battered and some may never open again. The PPP stimulus was little, late and like a drop of water on a thirsty sponge. Round two, when approved, is already spoken for.

Residents have grudgingly but obediently adjusted. The new normal is social distancing, lines, masks, more frequent hand washing and handy wipes. How quickly restrictive standards for social habits have been adopted and applied.

Yet, people are struggling. No jobs, no money, rent and bills accumulating without any foreseeable means of catching up quickly.

The impact is going to be with us for some time as we work our way through this wicked, wayward, weird and abnormal time slot we now call normal.

Regarding our community and country economy, there exists a nervous optimism. We have not experienced this in our lifetime, which means our actual experience is limited.

That leaves us with a guessing game of what to plan on in the short term and what comes after that. We collectively know we must return to work.

As we move closer to opening the economy, it will not be the same. The absence of many who have provided service for years will be missed. The vacancy they leave on every community will be like scars on the anatomy of the neighborhood.

Yet, so many community members have been amazing. Numerous individuals have formed groups, spontaneously and voluntarily to serve the underserved, providing food and finances.

As we consider the multiple sides of the COVID-19 impact, the one demanding attention is reopening our economy, opening businesses, returning to work, making money and spending it.

Soon cannot be soon enough.

The forced “vacation” we have been required to put on our agenda was not what most of us visualized. Our getaway plans of warm weather, sandy beaches and fine dining have been converted to occasional walks in the neighborhood and ordering in another pizza.

Perhaps our return to an adjusted normal will increase our appreciation for the many experiences we have enjoyed as a way of life.

At least for the short term, we will not take for granted the freedom to work, travel, shop, eat out, or have a haircut.

Here’s to a speedy recovery.


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  1. Anthony Becker 4 years ago

    To our businesses I feel your pain and losses…. to the unemployed I feel your hardships and understand the heavy burdens.

    These are dark times full of uncertainty

    Yet we have each other…. we should help one another, love one another.

    I agree with you Miles, a great Milestones

    There will be a recovery, we will rebound, we are Americans, we are always comeback kids.

    We are all in this together, Stay Santa Clara strong.

    May God Bless all of you

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