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Milestones – Maybe Give it Up! – Opinion

“Go Niners” is now a slogan you can shout without Mayor Lisa Gillmor going off the rails and ragging all over the shouter.

Santa Clara has settled its long, drawn-out dispute with the 49ers that should never have happened. Remember, 2010? Gillmor and the City were totally enamored with the idea of the Niners coming to town. In fact, Gillmor led the voter proposition to bring them to Santa Clara. She returned to City Council in 2011 to negotiate the contracts that she’s now been complaining about for nearly 10 years.

Pretending to be a skilled lawyer, Gillmor took it upon herself to cut the contract details. Despite the fact that she didn’t know the total scope of the agreements, and the contracts were outside her ballpark of expertise, she charged ahead relying on her personal experience in real estate.


The 49ers had about 60 years more experience than she did, and they were not going to let an opportunity pass.

Frankly, the 49ers could have taken Santa Clara to the cleaners and they didn’t. However, they were not going to pass up an opportunity to score when given the opportunity.

That romance ran into roadblocks when the 49ers exercised their independence as they brought their billion-dollar business to the City. They didn’t need her political clout and personal endorsement to continue on at the same level.

Feeling snubbed, Gillmor began to brew up a mixture of hate and outright lies.

Not one to pass up an opportunity for political advantage, she turned on the 49ers, castigated their value, and demeaned their importance to the community.

No one can deny Gillmor is brilliant. Her attack on the 49ers was reinforced with the election of council members who supported her anti-niner position.

The devastation following her candidates being elected to council and supporting her anti-49ers campaign has cost Santa Clarans millions.

Now, thanks to today’s council majority, new city manager and city attorney, the settlement of 49ers’ lingering litigation lightens the load and leaves lots of loot left over.

One result of the 49er settlement will be realized in the coming season when Santa Clara will begin to receive a several million dollar increase annually.

Normally this item would be a total victory for City staff and Council. They did a great job during this entire process.

Mayor Gillmor and her lone ranger supporter Kathy Watanabe voted against it.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for them to give it up. The 49ers are here for at least another 20 years.

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  1. CSC 3 weeks ago

    Gillmor and her emotional support pet, Burt Field, keep referring to Council Members Park, Jain, Chahal, Hardy, and Becker as the 49er-Five in disrespect to the voters who elected them. Those elected officials vote on behalf of their constituents, not the 49ers, and if those residents disapprove of the job they’re doing, someone else can be voted in.
    Within the past few months Gillmor, Watanabe, and Nikolai have waived around documents trying to show evidence of alleged unethical and/or criminal acts by Council Member Becker and the 49ers organization. But when addressing contracts, spending, debt, etc. between the City and the 49ers, they have nothing other than hot wind. Why? Likely because they have nothing.
    The majority of the city council voted on behalf of and in the best interest of their constituents. Now residents should vote in favor of finally ending the decades-long bickering led by Gillmor’s Gang.
    • REPLACE Watanabe with someone independent
    • Reelect Kevin Park
    • Reelect Suds Jain

  2. Jen 2 weeks ago

    CSC, best comment in years, Burt Fields Emotional Support Pet, he is a bit like a lost puppy dog, along with a few other contenders that come to council and criticize so called 49er 5.

    Seems Lisa has forgotten the countless advertisements she was in supporting the 49ers building a stadium and the SC for Economic Growth or whatever the tag line was she managed.

    The only toxic people on council are the two that display their dislike for the Niners and the five. They helped bring the Niners here, man up and put your “big girl panties” on and deal with it. Those of us who voted against it are learning to live with situation. About time we all played nice. So sick of the “Toxic Two”.

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