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Milestones – If You Want … Ask! – Opinion

If you don’t ask, you don’t get! That’s why salesmen are always in such demand. The basic problem within every organization, be it public or private, is the fear of asking.

It is human nature. We may want something tangible or a favor, and there is that ingrained fear of being told “No.”

Of course, everyone wants to hear “Yes, of course you can do that,” or “Yes, you can have that,” or “I’ll be happy to do that for you.”


It is the fear of being told “No” that keeps a million things from getting done.

It is at the asking point you begin to think, “I can’t ask for that, it’s beyond my comfort level,” or “That person is a bigwig and who am I?”

Whether you are working, retired, building a business, a CEO or a third assistant stand-in, when you ask, you have a much better chance of receiving.

What makes the difference in companies, nonprofits or volunteer organizations, is that the ones who succeed are the ones unafraid to ask. Remember the basic rule, “If you don’t ask … you don’t get.”

Of course, it is human nature to be timid, uncomfortable and nervous when it comes to asking a favor or donation from a person, company or entity beyond your comfort level.

This is what separates the successful organizations from the also-ran entities.

Good companies, churches, community organizations, cities and businesses succeed because of good men and women who are willing to ask. Consider this: nothing happens until someone sells something.

In some organizations and companies, including cities, they hire a business development officer (BDO). This is a doctored up name for “salesman.”

It is the job of a BDO to make it happen.

Some of the most successful companies and cities may have several BDO’s. That’s because they are salesmen and women who create business.

How do you evaluate the success of a BDO? Pretty simple. When they create business that benefits the entity they work for.

There are at least 10 companies in Santa Clara that could write a check for millions to assist in rebuilding our Santa Clara swim center.

The City could use a few folks who are not afraid to ask. The old adage “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” is still true.

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  1. fred 2 days ago

    I agree with you, Miles. There are several companies in Santa Clara that could easily write a check to help out.

    But why would they? We’ve only recently changed the composition of the City Council to one that is focused on better governance. Same for City management. Yet there are two hold-outs on the Council (and their enablers and “special advisors” on the sidelines) who want to perpetuate the toxic culture in City Hall. Any idea that doesn’t originate with them is automatically a bad idea.

    If I have deep pockets I’m going to wait until I see a better governed City, and feel comfortable that my money won’t go to waste.

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