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Milestones – A Swimming Idea! – Opinion

For something to happen, someone has to do something. Usually, if it is going to happen around your house, you are the one to do it.

Have you ever said to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It might be something simple or an item or issue that requires serious thought.

When someone says, “We have always done it that way,” your radar should warn you that change will be a challenge.


George Bernard Shaw, who was known for having a healthy ego, wrote, “Most people think once or twice a year. The reason I am famous is I think once or twice a week”.

Most of us are probably somewhere in the middle.

What is the catalyst that compels us to think? When it is decision time, we look at the issue, consider the options and alternatives and proceed to completion. Or…we don’t.

Santa Clara residents have lived with a few issues that have been chewed on, reviewed and considered by the city council, in some cases, for years.

High on that list is the once-famous Santa Clara Swim Center that was recently and — for reasons of safety — thankfully closed. Its fifty-year life span had been stretched to seventy.

There is no doubt the Swim Center has been a topic of discussion, sometimes heated, by residents and council members for years.

Unlike the stadium, replacement of the swim center has no funding. There is no demolition fund or new swim center fund.

Santa Clara is still recovering from a multi-million deficit generated during the Lisa Gillmor dynasty when her council and city manager controlled the city purse.

Now, residents and council members are compelled to think: How does Santa Clara replace and rebuild a new swim center? How do you fund it? Where would you place it?

We have received a few good ideas, and we need residents and their creative and insightful thoughts.

And, while you’re thinking about a new swim center…

Congratulations to the 49ers on their win over the Green Bay Packers.

Here is our final thought…

Play like the champions you are against the Lions on Sunday!!!


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