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Milestones: Making sense! – Opinion

Your vote will help determine the direction of Santa Clara for the next four years and perhaps longer.

If you have followed the actions of Santa Clara City Council the past few years you have one of two opinions. 1) The incumbents are doing a good job and they deserve another term or 2) What was I thinking? They must be replaced!

No doubt 2020 ranks as one of Santa Clara’s most unusual and decisive moments in deciding the direction of the City.


Objectively, you have witnessed some good people make some bad decisions. These decisions have certainly created questions as to the financial sustainability of Santa Clara to thrive and survive.

Usually, you evaluate your city council based on the results of their decisions which create a result either beneficial, benign or a bust.

Ranking right up there near the top of the list is finances.

Perhaps the most critical component causing concern is the misuse of the public’s money.

Last week, the Santa Clara City Council voted to send out an informational brochure in Santa Clara utility bills. The Council’s majority indicated there was a great deal of misinformation in the community and this brochure would clear up all the discrepancies.

Of course, they would be using your money to create and deliver this “objective, set the record straight, brochure.”

This appears to be shades of Deja Vu. Remember back in March when you voted on Measure C to reduce Santa Clara’s six districts to three? The Council thought it beneficial then to produce a glossy brochure (at your expense) and convince you that three districts was better than six districts.

The result of that vote did not result in the obtaining of the Council majority’s objective.

What this council majority has assumed is that Santa Clara citizens lack common sense.

What Santa Clara citizens have proven is: they are not fooled by glossy brochures that pretend to be informational and are nothing more than a campaign piece.

Of course, the Council cannot legally use public money, your money, for campaign purposes. However, since your Fair Political Practices Commission has teeth like a marshmallow, don’t expect any legal repercussions. This Council knows they are on thin ice and continue to thumb their nose at the FPPC.

It is time for bad decisions to take a vacation.

Santa Clara voters have the opportunity to insert new thinking onto your Council.

It’s is time to make sense in Santa Clara and elect Harbir Bhatia, Suds Jain, Anthony Becker and Kevin Park.

They have earned the right to serve and will bring balance back to City Council to replace the nonsense and spurious spending by Santa Clara’s current incumbent crop.


  1. SC Resident 4 years ago

    I just received 3 “glossy brochures” in the mail in favor of Becker … sponsored by the 49ers and Jed York. No thanks! I’m voting for Mezzetti.

  2. Tom E. 4 years ago

    Any endorsement of Becker has an “Emperor has no Clothes” ring to it. Truly bizarre.

    Mezzetti is the no-brainer choice for this District 6 resident. And judging by the signs in my hood, there are a lot of people that agree with me.

  3. Davy L. 4 years ago

    Please vote for Anthony Becker. He will provide us with an independent voice for our District 6. On the other hand, Robert Mezzetti will only be a puppet for his two main supporters: Lisa Gillmor and Deanna Santana.

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