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Santa Clara just set an attendance record with the Ed Sheeran concert at Levi’s Stadium. More than any Super Bowl, competing concerts or attractions, Levi’s Stadium set the record with more than 83,000 attendees.

Thank you, City Council, thank you 49er Management Company, and, thank you City residents for having the foresight and fortitude to vote for your own stadium.

Now it is true that Santa Clara is earning millions from these events. However, there is a caveat in the stadium contract. Only 50% of the net profit from non-NFL stadium events goes to the City’s general fund (the other 50% goes to stadium maintenance).


In light of Santa Clara’s budget shortfall, you might think the millions coming from the stadium would lighten up the budget deficit. In fact, Mayor Lisa Gillmor asked that very question at a city council meeting recently. It appears that Santa Clara is contractually obligated to pay off the stadium before any additional money can be directed to the City.

When that was discussed at a recent council meeting, Mayor Gillmor commented, “Well, I didn’t know that.”

Council Member Suds Jain turned to the mayor and said, “You should know that Madam Mayor, you signed the contract.”

This weekend was the Art and Wine Festival producing a fabulous and fun time. Thousands of fans flocked to the festivities, feasting on fantastic, flavorful and familiar foods. Santa Clara’s nonprofits worked at the booths and were the beneficiaries of the revenues. Santa Clara Rotary operated the wine booth and didn’t seem to lack customers. (After all, it is the Art and WINE weekend.)

Another element to keep things rocking was the music. Playing to a filled pavilion in the park, dozens danced, sang and tapped their toes as the band played on. What a great sound!

Hats off to the city staff, the volunteers, the vendors and the people who participated in preparing all the parts that made this weekend the event of the year. Thank you.

Then, the weekend was capped off by the SF Forty Niners who faced their fearless foes, the Los Angeles Rams. Brock Purdy, that third string quarterback and the last man drafted to the NFL, played like a seasoned veteran, ripping the Rams in a game too close to call.

Considering all these activities, there’s not much that Santa Clara is leaving out.


  1. Buchser Alum 8 months ago

    “Only 50% of the net profit from non-NFL stadium events goes to the City’s general fund (the other 50% goes to stadium maintenance).”
    I believe this is a false statement. “Net profit” means profit that is made from revenue after accounting for stadium operational costs which includes maintenance. When there is net profit from non football events for the city to get a 50% share I believe that means that the other 50% of the profit is profit for the stadium management company which essentially is the Forty Niners.
    Perhaps someone from your staff can fact check this to make sure you are making true statements in your editorials.

  2. James Francis 8 months ago

    Although the Ed Sheeran concert was clearly a success, the attendance was not 83,000 people. The stadium seats 68,500 and there was no field seating. The stage was in the middle of the field with much of the other parts of the field covered by four towers, two smaller stages and stage access alleys. There was standing room only space on the field but certainly not enough space for 14,500 people. The Fire Marshall would never allow that many people and there is not enough parking to accommodate an additional 14,000 people. A closer number of attendees would be about 72,000.

  3. Jo. 8 months ago

    not to be a debbie downer but…per the Sf Chron, about a week before his concert, his tix were selling below market value so easier to fill a stadium. per same article, on the secondary market beyoncé’s highest tix were going for $1000 and tay-tay’s for $21,000. i believe she did sell-out levi’s first night. she had a second show the next day. even if both artists don’t see a dime of secondary market $, tay-tay has already set a record with this being the first billion dollar concert ever. as i told my cat, if she decided to retire after this (unlikely) (and never do a super bowl show) and play with her cats olivia and meredith all day long every day, financially she’s set for life. (royalties will keep rolling in – she’s either one of the songwriters if not the sole one (speak now album) on each song on her albums.) she’s been an astute (calculating? no pun intended) shrewd biz woman since her teens. and as for ed, he was taylor’s opening act when he was starting out.

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