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Milestones – The Fallacy of Foolishness! – Opinion

Publisher Miles Barber reminds people of fired City Attorney Brian Doyle's incompetence as the former City employee files suit against the City.

Former City Attorney Brian Doyle is suing the City of Santa Clara. The City is dealing with a retired civil service attorney who was hired by Mayor Lisa Gillmor in her attempt to conquer the City. For a short time, it worked, as quality personnel were discarded in favor of appointments by the mayor who would simply nod their head in agreement.

The elections of 2020 returned sanity to the Santa Clara City Council and a new majority which contained that rare ingredient of common sense took charge.

The new council reviewed the service record of City Attorney Doyle and found enough questionable conduct to end his tenure. As you might have noticed, he was not related to the Einstein family.


However, Doyle gleefully scooped up the inflated paycheck awarded to him by Gillmor and her cronies on the dais.

He was in charge of the City’s defense through numerous lawsuits. The most notorious was the California Voting Rights Act. Santa Clara was successfully sued by attorney Robert Rubin, who won a legal award of millions against Santa Clara for diluting the votes of minority residents via its at-large election system. The court awarded him millions of dollars, possibly because Rubin’s warning letters were ignored for years by Gillmor and her council.

Gillmor and her council, persuaded by attorney Doyle, foolishly appealed.

Attorney Rubin, in an act of good faith, sent the City a letter on a Friday offering to reduce his award by a million dollars if…the City dropped its appeal. Doyle sat on that letter over the weekend and didn’t share this offer with the council. When Doyle did share the letter, it was too late, so it cost Santa Clara that million dollars. Then it cost Santa Clara another mountain of cash to continue the appeal, which Doyle and Gillmor’s council also lost.

And Doyle is now suing Santa Clara? For what? His own bungling? This yo-yo must be counter-sued for his neglect and negligence and for costing Santa Clara millions. It is not the City’s responsibility to reward stupidity.

Taxpayers take note. This is your money Doyle wants, and Doyle has proven to have been an overpaid underperformer while acting as your city attorney. His embellished accusations are figments of fantasy filled with foolish folklore.


  1. Fred 10 months ago

    One of Doyle’s complaints is that he hasn’t been able to find a comparable job since he was terminated.

    Gee, maybe nobody wants to hire an incompetent idiot?

    • SCFirst 10 months ago

      but he worked for himself at one time too and didn’t he go on about being retired after he lost his job. kind of convenient his court case is in the news when Beckers is, the plot thickens. another one of Lisa’s buddies doing her bidding and stirring.

    • Buchser Alum 10 months ago

      Doyle is presently working as the interim city attorney of Merced.

      • fred 10 months ago

        Good. They can have him.

        But wasn’t he whining about not being paid Bay Area wages in Merced?

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