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Milestones – Did You Order This? – Opinion

Publisher Miles Barber asks why local leaders are not upholding law and order as they promised to do when they took their oath of office.

You may have noticed the current and ongoing controversy about how bad guns are and they should be banned.

After all, with the rash of senseless shootings and folks getting shot, wounded and killed you might think we are returning to the Wild West.

The only difference that comes to mind is that when law and order arrived in the West, the argument of whether guns were good or bad wasn’t such a major concern. They were most often the best equalizer to enforce order.


Killers who used guns in the olden days (about two years ago) were arrested, went to jail and sometimes even wound up behind bars for life.

However, punishment is now old hat. Law and order have been traded in for a new Glock and the Dr. Spock philosophy of “speak softly, turn the other cheek and be sure to duck.”

These insane ideas of defunding the police, opening the jails, and allowing smash and grab goods without retribution rank right up there with the scariest scenes in a Stephen King novel.

The result of this flagrant mentality is chaos. This is not a Democrat or Republican debate and dilemma. You can’t rectify this outrageous state of abusive behavior by blaming a political party.

But keep in mind, whoever happens to be the ones elected have been elected to represent you. They are duty-bound to honor their oath of office. Every oath known in America swears allegiance to your flag, your country and your constitution.

To violate or ignore the oath of office is a lie.

No society can have order without the enforcement of law. This means police are allowed to do their job, judges are allowed to pass judgment and district attorneys are required to enforce the law. Unless, of course, you are Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen, who apparently never met a criminal.

It is not guns that are society’s problem, it is the irresponsible use of guns without fear of consequences that make citizens jumpy and grumpy.

Disregarding the orderly oath of office that demands detention for those who defy directions is a deceitful denial of duty.

Failure to fulfill, honor and respect your oath is a major violation of the duties of holding any office.

You do not get to pick and choose what laws you choose to follow, enforce, or ignore. If you are elected, you are duty-bound to the sacred oath that you promise to represent, enforce and protect your constituents.

We do not wish a return to the days of the Wild West. Citizens simply seek the respect of sanity, the enforcement of law, applied justice and civil order.

There is nothing more pathetic than to watch a bad idea fulfilled.


  1. SC 2 years ago

    Agreed. The problem is not the gun. It is the person holding it. Fix that and problem gone. Take the gun away problem still there.

  2. James 2 years ago

    I ask the author if he ever went 26 in a 25mph zone or crossed the street where there wasn’t a crosswalk. I hope he turns himself in for these and the numerous other infractions he has surely committed without having a negative experience with law enforcement. Unfortunately the same can not be said for the many minorities that have been killed by the police for such minor infractions because the color of their skin. They have already paid with their lives.

    • Ben Z. 2 years ago

      everyone walks on your eggshells

  3. ScArecrow23 2 years ago

    Time to recall all of these Soros backed DA’s and actually make thugs fear punishment again!!

  4. Ben Z. 2 years ago

    “You do not get to pick and choose what laws you choose to follow, enforce, or ignore. If you are elected, you are duty-bound to the sacred oath that you promise to represent, enforce and protect your constituents.”

    This is spot on Mr. Rosen’s failure. He didn’t care that my kids were being sex trafficked by more former attorney, nor that I was being physically assaulted. All he did was ignore my pleas and help conceal the crimes with a meritless criminal complaint against ME.

  5. Ben Z. 2 years ago

    I have been poisoned so many times that all of my organs have damaged and the shape of my face has changed. I gave the DA the names of two ER doctors that could confirm the assaults.

    Please see

    My former attorney was trying to get me to take certain legal actions that would preclude me from protecting my kids.

    Mr. Rosen didn’t care that my son had already confirmed being sexually abused and that my other kids were showing strong indications of also being sexually abused.

    All he cared about was protecting his friends.

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