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Milestones: Council Changes – Opinion

While it is a little premature, early returns indicate a changing landscape in Santa Clara.  We had to go to press prior to the final results, but if the current reports hold, there will be a significant transition in Santa Clara politics.

As we go to the printer, the independent candidates are leading in three of four races. What an indication of how the voters of Santa Clara have looked at the issues, listened to the incumbents, watched their behavior and found them wanting.

Congratulations to the independent candidates that worked so hard, walked so far, phoned so many and politely asked for funding to run for Council.


Speaking of money, Mayor Gillmor returned to many developers to pony up the hundreds of thousands of dollars, using her old friends at the POA PAC she funneled the funds into this shell to back her candidates.

While legal, there were many brochures and fliers that found their way to homes without proper disclosure. Committee names were missing. They made accusations that were blatantly false.

And speaking of brochures, how about the City paid “informational letters” sent out to clarify politics in Santa Clara. Doesn’t leave you with a good taste in your mouth since you paid for them.

These were poorly disguised as informational documents that actually seemed to be resident paid-for propaganda.

Also, it is apparent the Mayor may have used her primary target, one too many times. In an ongoing attempt to make the 49ers look like the big bad bully of the community, she forced the 49ers and owner Jed York’s hand.

It appears that York was ready for a show down. He just wanted council members he and his people could talk too and put up $3 million dollars into an independent expenditure committee to support the four independent candidates.

What is funny is: Bhatia, Jain, Becker and Park all voted against the stadium. Talking to people who will listen is much better than talking to a wall.

After watching a Stadium Authority meeting online some time ago, it was embarrassing to see the way the incumbents treated Jim Mercurio from the 49ers. It is no wonder they stopped coming to Stadium Authority meetings.

Now, if you have not met Mr. Mercurio, you have missed a treat. He is one of the really good guys and to see the way this Council treated him was a charade that would make the devil blush.

It is time for a change and if the trend holds up, we will see some new faces on the Council dias soon.


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