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Milestones – A Time of Thanks! – Opinion

Thanksgiving time is one of the great weeks of the year.

Family members and friends that you haven’t seen in forever, agree to meet, break bread, tear into some turkey and catch up on who is doing what.

Often, new members of this annual event have arrived via the stork, guaranteeing the ongoing tradition for another generation.


More than any other day, Thanksgiving brings together friends and family to reconnect, catch up and share their experiences.

There is always at least one member who was in the hospital, had surgery, is on crutches, in a wheelchair or wearing a cast. All these issues are reminders of how fragile our relationship with life, friends and family really is.

For these reasons and more, we congregate, socialize, interact, say thanks and catch up with those we haven’t seen, many since this occasion last year. In some cases, even years.

There is always a warm response and sense of connection when we reunite with a member who has been absent from this annual event.

Certainly, there is a common denominator that exists within every family that meets and greets to break bread and socialize. There exists during these gatherings the unifying gift of appreciation and thanks. Thanks that they are present, thanks you are in attendance and appreciation for those who have left us.

When the pilgrims and Native Americans came together in November 1621, it was a mutual expression of appreciation and thanks for a bountiful harvest.

As we gather with friends and family, we can identify in many ways our own appreciation and thanks for our friends, family and their contribution to our life.

All of us at The Weekly consider our community as family and friends. We appreciate your readership, your support and your subscriptions. Because of you, we are motivated to continue our coverage of community events and activities.

While we may have different points of view, we can agree and be thankful that a free press remains alive and well in Santa Clara. Thank you again for being a supporter of quality and timely journalism.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving. With appreciation and best wishes.


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