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Milestones – 49ers Win Again…Kinda! – Opinion

Perhaps it was the extra turkey and mashed potatoes that took the steam out of the 49er team as they lumbered toward victory over the New Orleans Saints. This was not what fans or coaches were expecting when considering the last few games.

While a win still falls into that category of progress, this was not a demonstration of superior 49er football. We can hope this was an aberration on the journey to the Big Game.

Meanwhile, back at the stadium, 49er management continues to win in the booking game.


Taking place right now is the 2022 World Cup. Little countries are demonstrating they are really big when it comes to soccer. While we think of football as the pigskin type, most of the world considers soccer as the football game of choice. And speaking of choices, Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara has been chosen as one of the host locations for FIFA’s World Cup in 2026.

This is huge for Santa Clara and the entire Bay Area. This event will attract hundreds of thousands of spectators, players, celebrities and fans to Santa Clara. In turn, these guests eat at our restaurants, stay in our hotels and motels and buy a host of ancillary services from Uber, shops, rental cars and taxi cabs, while acquiring a variety of souvenirs and sundries.

In addition, since the Santa Clara City Council removed the ban on nighttime festivities at the stadium, more bookings are grabbing attention. Sellouts are common at Levi’s Stadium, particularly when you have world-class entertainment coming like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.

While the 49ers continue their pursuit of a world championship, it really is exciting to have off-season bookings for the City, which will add millions to Santa Clara’s coffers.

Even though Santa Clara does have a deficit, management is in place to erase this negative and return the City to a solvent and profitable entity.

In addition, more development projects are underway and under construction, which will generate new revenue streams to fund services and personnel.

Thank you to our City staff, managers and council for making solvency a major objective during the New Year.

And, on this note of appreciation…Go Niners!


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  1. Buchser Alum 2 years ago

    You need to correct this sentence: “In addition, since the Santa Clara City Council removed the ban on nighttime festivities at the stadium, more bookings are grabbing attention.”
    There has never been a ban on nighttime festivities at the stadium.

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