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Mayor Gillmor Gets Served in Financial Disclosure Lawsuit

Wednesday afternoon Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor was served in the widely publicized lawsuit alleging that she failed to fully report her economic interests in Public Property Advisors, Inc. (PPA). A subsidiary of Gary Gillmor & Associates, PPA provides brokerage and property management services to local school districts.

The lawsuit was filed by Santa Clara University Law student Brian Exline, who is represented by the McManis Faulkner Law firm. The firm’s partner James McManis won the landmark 2017 California Supreme Court case ruling that government communications on personal devices are public records.

Gillmor denies that she concealed economic interests and has publically called the lawsuit a “political hit.”


  1. David Baldwin 6 years ago

    An interesting follow up story to this would be an investigation into who is paying for the services of the McManis Faulkner Law firm. Is Brian Exline a law student with no college debt, a significant amount of discretionary income, and an altruistic drive for exposing potential wrongdoing by local politicians? Or is the suit actually being financed by a third party with self-serving motives?

    If the former, it would be a nice human interest story. If the latter, maybe the mayor is correct – the suit is a “political hit.” Either way inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Stewart 6 years ago

    Yup it should be investigated to see if Mr. Law School student is on his own money orrrr a third party group is attempting something illegal . Seriously, “ let the investigation begin “ and yes I am a Santa Clara resident and homeowner.

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