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Looking Back: Week of February 20th Headlines

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (February 21, 1919)

  • Mass Meeting Tonight at City Hall to Recruit a Welcome League to Plan for Soldiers & Sailors Welcome Home Tribute on 4th of July
  • New Board of Directors Elected for Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce
  • March 15th Last Day to File Income Tax Returns for This Year
  • Mysterious Rock Thrower Active: Rocks Being Hurled at Oddfellows’ Building
  • Short Term Notes Feature of New Victory Loan Campaign
  • Postmasters to Sell Thrift Stamps and to Aid in Recruiting for Navy
  • San Francisco Seals Baseball Team to Begin Training at University of Santa Clara
  • New Firm Opens in San Jose to Exclusively Sell Washing Machines and Mangles for Home Use
  • Santa Claran Antoine Peterson’s Mother Passes Away in Sweden: His Eldest Sister Passed Recently Too
  • Notice to Auto Owners: If You Don’t Pay Fee for Auto License Seal by March 1st, You Will be Cited by County Motorcycle Officers
  • Burglars Entered Santa Clara High School:  Looking to Steal Equipment from New Tractor School


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (February 19, 1969)

  • Councilman Matt Talia Tells of ‘Punk’ Threat: Says Teen Punks Coming Out of ‘Underground Library’ Threatened to Roll Him off Sidewalk: Narcotics Violations and Shoplifting also Reported Near Library:  More Supervision Needed There
  • Head-on Collision at Lafayette North of Pico Way Results in Four Injuries
  • Woman Bus Driver Cut Free of Minibus: Accident Involving Lamp Standard in Sunnyvale
  • Peterson High School to Host Red Cross Meeting to Finalize Plans for Blood Drive
  • Girl Scout Troop No. 708 Holding Cookie Drive Through February 28th
  • City Council Agrees to Give Santa Clara Philharmonic an Additional $500 Subsidy
  • Santa Clara Players Open a Comedy in March: ‘Cloud Seven’ by Max Wilk
  • ‘Free You’ Talk: Citizen’s Advisory Committee Asks Father James Albertson of Santa Clara University’s Academic Senate to Explain University’s Connection to Student Organized ‘Santa Clara Free You’ Classes

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