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Looking Back: Santa Clara Headlines From September 18

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (September 19, 1919)

  • Chamber of Commerce Booster Issue: Santa Clara Extends Welcome to Homeseekers: Santa Clara is a Progressive City in the Heart of a Valley of Golden Sunshine
  • Santa Clara’s Schools are Unsurpassed
  • Climate Condition is Great City Asset
  • Light and Power in Santa Clara is Municipally Owned
  • Fruit and Manufacturing Industries Excel:  Large Employers include Pratt-Low Preserving Company, A. Block Packing Company, Rosenberg Brothers, Eberhard Tanning Company, Merritt Cement Company and Pacific Manufacturing Company
  • Questions and Answers on Government Insurance for Soldiers, Sailors and Marines


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (September 17, 1969)

  • Planning Commissioner William Best Blasts City Council for High Density Rezoning Reversals
  • Possible Valley Continuation High School Building Sites Revealed: 7 Sites Identified
  • San Jose City Manager A.P. “Dutch” Hamann Takes Santa Clara University Post: Will Be Vice President for Development and Public Relations
  • Two Pickets Arrested in Steel Strike at Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company in Santa Clara: Worker Complains of Harassment When Crossing Picket Line
  • Housewife Claims Someone Attempted to Kidnap Her on Pruneridge Ave.
  • Local Home Brewery Blows Up:  Resident Claims Jam Bubbled Over in Pressure Cooker But Police Find Rum Distillery in House
  • San Jose State University’s Pioneering Registration Process: Adopts Computer-based Registration System
  • Santa Clara Police Suspect Arson at Grass Fire by Stevens Creek Blvd. and Monroe near Lawrence Expressway: Four Santa Clara Boys Suspected of Starting Blaze
  • Santa Clara Man, Lester Sullivan of Bellomy Street, Fatally Injured on The Alameda near Santa Clara University
  • New Officers for Santa Clara Industrial Citizens’ Board include W.J. Nicholson, Owen Reeves, and Ellis Howard

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