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Looking Back: Santa Clara Headlines From September 11

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (September 12, 1919)

  • Municipal Gas Plant on Fire:  Santa Clara Firefighters Battle Blaze that Started on Bellomy Street
  • Woman Burned in Oil Explosion: Mrs. J. Pierce of Lincoln Street Narrowly Escapes Death
  • Bank Robbers Arrest Certain: Mark Thornton and “Swede” La Reeve Captured in Los Angeles: Accused of Robbery of Garden City Bank: Will be Transported to San Jose
  • Former Santa Claran, Captain Lewis Britton, Returns from France: Resumes Job as Principal of Live Oak Union High School in Morgan Hill
  • John Neylan of San Francisco Call Named Head of Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Campaign: Kickoff Event in San Francisco
  • Industrial Revolution Planned by International Workers of the World (I.W.W.)
  • President Wilson is Sure a League of Nations Would Ensure Freedom from War but Senator Hiram Johnson of California Assails Idea
  • David Houston, Secretary of Agriculture Says Great Redwood Trees Should be Saved When California Puts Highway Through its Redwood Forests
  • Income Tax Due on Monday, September 15th


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (September 10, 1969)

  • Mayor Gary Gillmor Asks Citizens Advisory Group to ‘Define’ Its Activities
  • Gala Festival Days Begin: Parade Planned: 10-days of Activities From September 28th through October 5th: First Annual Mayor’s Ball Will Open Festival
  • Santa Clarans Win Numerous Awards at Santa Clara County Fair
  • PTA Hippies:  Briarwood School PTA Holds Hippie-themed Dress-up Party
  • Three More Attendance Groups Started:  Part of Plan to Decentralize SCUSD Administrative Activities
  • Group of Vandals Knock Over 70 Monuments at Santa Clara Catholic Cemetery
  • Highest Ranked Success Rate for Transfer Students to San Jose State is by Transfers from West Valley College District
  • Eleanor Todd Named ‘Artist of the Month’ by Mission City Artists Group

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