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Looking Back: Santa Clara Headlines From October 2

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (October 3, 1919)

  • Prune Fete to Open Today: Fifth Annual Prune and Apricot Exhibition to be Held in Mountain View on Friday
  • Fifty Tons of Prunes Burn: Neighbors Form Bucket Brigade and Save Adjoining Ranch Buildings: Fire at A. P. Woodhams Place on the Homestead Road
  • Murderer Not Captured: Officials Comb Valley in Search of Man Who Made Escape from County Jail: H.G. Mueller, Confessed Killer of William McDonnell. Still at Large
  • New Bank for Farmers Created Under Federal Charter: California Joint Stock Land Bank of San Francisco
  • Sale of Surplus Government Food and Clothing Coming
  • Soldier Group Stands with Senator Hiram Johnson of California in Opposing League of Nations Covenant
  • An Appreciation Oratory Given in Memory of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Father Ricard of the University of Santa Clara Observatory Gives Weather Predictions for October
  • California Governor Stephens Says Tomorrow will be Thrift Registration Day: Thrift and War Savings Stamps on Sale:  School Children to be Instructed in the Necessity of Practicing Thrift Through Saving


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (October 1, 1969)

  • Festival Days Parade to Boast Bands, Floats, Miss Santa Clara Pageant: 13 Santa Clarans Compete for Queen Title Thursday: 10-day Festival Will Come to a Close with a Parade of Champions
  • School Board Retains Old Health Education Plan: Unable to Agree on Sex Education Component of 1969/70 Health Education Curriculum, SCUSD Board Re-Adopts 1968/69 Curriculum
  • Should City Buy Mayor’s Lunch?: City Council Discusses Whether to Pay Mayor’s Lunch Bill if City Business Conducted During Lunch
  • After Citizens Arrest, Vern Black Charged with Vandalism While Picketing at Santa Clara’s Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Co.: Court Drops Charges
  • Weekly Musical Program Commences at the Public Library: First Lecture and Performance:  Jazz in American Life
  • New Judge Invested Friday: Eugene Premo Replaces Judge Forrest Bentzien at Santa Clara Municipal Court
  • 4th Annual Sunnyvale Philatelic Exhibition October 11-13 at Jarvis Bishop School: Theme to be ‘Man on the Moon’
  • Plaque Installed at Santa Clara Woman’s Club Adobe in Honor of the Charter Members Who Founded Club in 1904:  Local Historians Austen Warburton, Clyde Arbuckle, and Rev. Arthur Spearman, S.J. Officiate at Ceremony

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