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Week of January 24th Headlines


100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (January 25, 1918)

*Clarence C. Coolidge is Candidate for Office of Santa Clara County District Attorney


*Cancelled Postage Stamps Will Aid Belgian People: Send Your Used Stamps to This Office and You Will Help to Buy Bread for the Starving Children of Belgium

*War Conditions are Alarming

*Santa Clara Girl, Miss Florence Pine, Becomes Bride of Mr. Frank Lopes

*Santa Clara Boy, John Lupurine, 12-year-old, in Bicycle Accident on El Monte Hill

*Annual Session of Coffee Club Held in Club Room on Franklin Street: Mr. Parker Matthews, Manager

*Reindeer Meat Next on Menu: Alaska Shipping to States

*View of Fighting in France Described by Santa Clara Boy, Henri Richer

*Complaints About Unsightly Appearance of Area Near Southern Pacific Station: Railroad Says That Land Belongs to Town of Santa Clara So They Need to Clean It Up

*Santa Clara Presbyterian Church Minister, Rev. James Falconer, Goes to Berkeley


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (January 24, 1968)

*City Pays Up:  1968 Payroll Close to $6 Million: Across-the-Board 5% Salary Increase Approved

*DeSaisset Museum’s New Director Named: Lydia Modi-Vitali, Formerly with Triton Museum

*Thomas Bracco, S.J., Faculty Moderator of University of Santa Clara Flying Club Gets Pilots License, Only the Second Jesuit to Attain This

*Bunnies or Bears? 2-acre Zoo Proposal for Central Park Discussed: Should it be for Little Farm Animals or Wildlife?

*Drug Ring Link in School Thefts?: Detective has Theory that Network of Narcotic Addicts Stealing Expensive Office Equipment to Finance Their Habit

*18-Year-Old Apprehended in Connection with Car Wash Burglaries

*Stamp Out Bachelors?:  Zoning Law Changed: Single Family Homes May Not be Rented out to More than Three Single Men: Aimed at Preventing Homes from Becoming Student Boarding Houses

*Auto Museum Refused:  Permit Denied for 216 Monroe Street to Display Antique Cars


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