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Irrigation Hibernation in Santa Clara

Watering within 48 hours of measurable rainfall is prohibited in Santa Clara. Be sure irrigation systems are either switched off or in rain mode to let your landscape process the water nature has provided.

The City of Santa Clara wants to remind people that though we’re having wet weather now, the last three years were the driest three-year period since the state began keeping records in the 1800s. Even with the recent heavy rain, current water use restrictions will remain in effect indefinitely.

The City relies on you to help it detect water waste throughout Santa Clara. Report water waste by completing the online Water Waste Report or submitting a request on the Santa Clara mobile app. You can also call the Santa Clara Water Department at (408) 615-2000 during regular business hours.


All reports are received by the City of Santa Clara staff for investigation. The City would like help streamlining the process by using a single reporting method for each instance of waste water submitted.

Be mindful of the City’s Water Use Restrictions and Prohibitions, particularly on the rainy days. Do not:

  • Water lawns during or within 48 hours of measurable rainfall.
  • Water more than the allotted 2 days per week.
  • Run irrigation between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The Jan. 5 U.S. Drought Monitor Report shows that 26% of Santa Clara County and 71% of California remain in severe drought. Local reservoirs remain at low levels. Visit the City of Santa Clara website for drought updates and water conservation tips.

Water Conservation Tips


  • Fix leaks as soon as they are detected
  • Install low-flow faucet aerators, showerheads & toilets
  • Take quick showers rather than baths
  • Turn off water when brushing teeth, washing or shaving
  • Run full loads only for dishwasher & laundry
  • Collect water for dishwashing, soaking & running the disposal
  • Collect shower warm-up water for the garden
  • Use nutrient-rich, dirty fish tank water for houseplants when cleaning tanks
  • Install a high-efficiency clothes washer to save up to 30% water and 50% energy
  • Consider a recirculating hot water system or insulate hot water pipes
  • Install an on-demand hot water dispenser


  • Convert overhead spray to high-efficiency sprinkler heads or low-volume drip, micro-spray or bubblers
  • Use drought-tolerant plants & 3-inches of mulch in the garden
  • Cycle & soak landscapes for better absorption & less runoff
  • Hydrozone! Group plants with similar water needs for efficient irrigation
  • Eliminate sprinkler overspray/runoff & skip watering when it’s windy
  • Direct downspout runoff to trees & shrubs
  • Raise mower: longer grass shades roots & reduces evaporation
  • Turn off irrigation systems during the rainy season
  • Sweep! Do not hose down paved surfaces
  • Don’t use decorative water features that lose water to evaporation
  • Wash cars using a trigger nozzle that automatically shuts off
  • Use commercial car washes that recycle water & keep soap out of storm drains
  • Cover swimming pools when not in use. Uncovered pools can lose over 30 gallons per day!
  • Share how to turn off water at the house shut-off valve in case of emergency

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  1. THOMAS MacDevitt 1 year ago

    As of Feb 28th, according to the drought monitor referenced above 100% of Santa Clara county is no longer in a drought, and under 25% of California remains in a severe drought.

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