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Family Fun Night Continues with Owen Baker-Flynn

Family Fun Night Continues with Owen Baker-Flynn

With comedy, juggling and “terrifying” feats of skill and balance, Owen Baker-Flynn performed at the second to last Family Fun Night event at Santa Clara’s Central Park Library on July 6.

“Our performer tonight is hilarious,” said Youth Services Program Coordinator Erin Ulrich. “He was here two years ago and I sat over there and cried, I was laughing so hard.”

Baker-Flynn delighted the audience so much that many of the children watching crept closer and closer to the stage, just to get a peek at what Baker-Flynn was doing. The comic and magician balanced on a balance board while juggling knives, juggled while a child sat on his shoulders, told jokes and performed a magic trick where he tore up a newspaper and put it back together as the paper announcing the San Francisco Giants most recent World Series win. If that wasn’t enough, Baker-Flynn closed the show by eating fire, and had souvenirs to hand out to every child in the audience who wanted one.


Family Fun Night ends next Monday, July 13 where Silicon Valley Korean School will present Korean dancing and music. “The kids are coming to dance and it’s going to be awesome,” said Ulrich. “So, make sure you come out and support the kids. It’s going to be beautiful and colorful and glorious.” The performance is free and begins at 7 p.m., 909 Kiely Blvd. at the Central Park Pavilion.

The Family Fun Night program is presented by KeyPoint Credit Union and the Santa Clara Library Foundation & Friends, and provides family-friendly entertainment throughout the course of the library’s summer reading program. Those wishing to participate have until Saturday, July 11 to sign up. Kids will receive a free book and teens (7th-12th graders) get a $10 gift card for being part of the program.

For more information on Baker-Flynn visit, and to learn more about the Silicon Valley Korean School’s performance visit


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