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Coleman Costco Installing Roundabout

You may have noticed the construction in and around the Costco on Coleman Ave. that’s snarled traffic and made a usually crowded trip just a little harder. That’s because there are two major projects happening in the area at the same time.

Inside the Santa Clara Costco parking lot, the company is installing a “mini roundabout.” It’s a single-lane roundabout that will replace the four-way stop that used to occupy the lot.

“It’s going to eliminate the four-way stop, which was a traffic nightmare during busy times here,” said one Costco manager. “Hopefully, it works out where it’s continuous where people don’t have to stop.”


If it works, the four-way stop will allow people to travel between Coleman, Brokaw, Costco, the Costco gas station and the shopping center on the other side with fewer stops and starts.

Costco hopes to have the project completed by March 22. When it’s completed, visitors will be able to enter the lot from Brokaw or Coleman just like it was before.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says there are several benefits to roundabouts.

“Roundabouts are a safer alternative to traffic signals and stop signs…Roundabouts improve traffic flow and are better for the environment…Roundabouts generally are safer for pedestrians,” reads the IIHS website.

Work on Brokaw Continues

Meanwhile, work on Brokaw Road has caused trouble for people turning onto and off of Coleman Avenue.

Last fall, Santa Clara’s Planning Commission recommended that the City Council approve plans for a nearly 400-room hotel at the corner of Coleman and Brokaw in Santa Clara, at the site of the former Lillie Mae’s and Old Coleman Still.

As part of the construction, the developer and City planners agreed to add new left turn lanes in both directions on Brokaw and eliminate parking on Brokaw. There will also be a third through lane added to southbound Coleman to try and alleviate any new congestion created by the new hotel.


  1. A.V. 2 years ago

    Just came from the Costco Santa Clara drove through the new roundabout it is a nightmare cars do not wait any more people are running into each other honking at each other don’t think it was a good idea will not go back to that Costco ever again

  2. R Morgan 2 years ago

    Who ever thought the new design would work??? It has created so much congestion trying to get in to just park or leave after shopping. Customers trying to get gas are blocking the only entrance near the gas pumps. Your rounder is dangerous because of the rude people who do not know how to use one.

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