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Chic is the Word at Wilcox Student Fashion Show

Taking Fashion 2 at Wilcox High School, Timothy Le, 16, realized that using a sewing machine was easier than he had expected. Inspired by a character from a video game called Blazblue, Le designed a vest and large coat. While serving as a stage design coordinator, Le modeled his clothes at Wilcox High School’s May 25 “Fashion Show 2017: New Beginnings” held at the Mission City Center for Performing Arts.

“Our annual spring fashion show is a student-run production showcasing all of the Fashion 1 and Fashion 2 student’s work from this year,” said Mindy Trisko, Fashion Design & Marketing instructor. “The entire production: graphics, publicity, music, models, set design, programs, everything is created by the Fashion 2 students.”

Le and 43 other student designers and 16 guest models modeled sleepwear, shirts, pants, skirts, doggie accessories (scarves, onesies, and aprons) and formal wear (vests, coats, children’s wear, dresses and rompers). The stage sizzled with popular tunes as the models strutted down the runway, often in pairs, and showed the fruits of the school’s Fashion Design & Marketing Program. An estimated 250 people came to watch.


The show’s stage manager was Brianna Plowman, 18. What distinguished Plowman’s runway appearance from the others was that her grandparents accompanied her and gracefully modeled her pajamas.

“I made short-sleeved button down pajamas with shorts for my Grandmother Norma and Grandfather Wayne in the show,” Plowman said. “It made me proud that they were willing to do it.”

Elvira Martinez, 17, the show’s garment and model manager, shared the design process behind the elegant evening gown she created and modeled–a perfect-for-prom strapless A-line, ankle-length dress with a dark lace bodice.

“Ms. Trisko gave me our assignment which was to make a line up sheet where we had to create a sketch of an outfit,” Martinez said. “My friend Hanani and I had to match the outfits together. Attaching the bodice to the skirt was the hardest part because the two things had to be attached to the waistband.”

Olivia Ramirez, 18, was the show director. The hip outfit she made and modeled was comprised of a cream-colored bodice with a swirly sequin pattern and a pair of wide legged rose-colored culottes.

“I had to go to a vintage store to get a ’50s culottes pattern for these pants,” Ramirez said. “I had to alter the pattern to fit my desired vision.”

As Ramirez looks forward to attending the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in the fall, she reflected on what she learned at the Fashion Design & Marketing Program at Wilcox High School.

“The Wilcox Fashion Design program prepared me by giving me the basics. Teaching me the parts of a sewing machine, teaching me how to sew, teaching me all the fashion terminology,” she said. “I would say that if you have the desire to learn more about fashion, then go ahead and try it.”


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