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Bay Area Projected to Be Under 3-Week Stay-at-Home Order by Mid-to-Late December

Governor Gavin Newsom announced that based on ICU capacity, the Bay Area is project to be placed under a three-week Stay-at-Home order in the next couple of weeks, probably around mid-to-late December. The rest of California may be placed under the Stay-at-Home order within the next few days.

Additionally, Newsom announced that nonessential travel is now temporarily restricted Statewide.

Newsom has split the state into five regions: Northern California, Greater Sacramento, Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley, and Southern California. When a region’s ICU capacity falls below 15 percent, the region will be placed into a Stay-at-Home order for three weeks. The State projects that the Bay Area’s ICU capacity will fall below 15 percent by the end of December.


When placed under this Stay-at-Home order, the following will be closed: bars, wineries, personal care services, and hair salons and barbershops. Schools that are already open can stay open and critical infrastructure can also remain open. Retail capacity will be 20 percent (Santa Clara has a stricter 10 percent capacity limit) and restaurants will be limited to delivery and takeout. Indoor dining has already been closed, so this order would close outdoor dining as well.

As of Monday, Santa Clara County shared that there were 287 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the County and a total of 1,955 hospitalized patients, filling approximately 88 percent of the total hospital bed capacity in the County.

Prior to today’s announcement, California used a Roadmap to a Safer Economy that placed Counites in four different tiers based on COVID-19 risk. Most of the State was under the most-restrictive Purple Tier and this new Stay-at-Home order is much stricter, going beyond the restrictions in the Purple Tier.

Newsom says these projected Stay-at-Home orders are to help buy time for the healthcare system and help the hospitals prepare for surge. Currently, there are 11 surge facilities that are in “warm status” and are transitioning to “active status.”

“Help is on the way,” Newsome reminded when talking about the incoming COVID-19 vaccine deliveries. The first delivery is expected within the next couple of weeks for those in the high priority group.

California has been aggressive at acquiring PPE and ventilators, says Newsom. He shared that PPE is in the hospitals and more is going out and that hospitals have ventilators and California has more if needed.

Find more information about the Stay-at-Home order and resources for businesses on the State’s website.


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