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Volunteers Needed for Lead and Copper Testing

The City of Sunnyvale performs lab tests on the tap water coming from inside homes every three years because some household plumbing around the country has been known to contribute to levels of lead and copper in drinking water.

Past monitoring has shown that household plumbing in Sunnyvale contributes very little of these elements to the drinking water and that the water is in full compliance with the limits set by state and federal regulations. “However, we want to be certain that the clean, safe drinking water we deliver to your home is just as clean and safe when it comes out of your tap,” said Sunnyvale City Manager Kent Steffens in his blog.

The City of Sunnyvale will be conducting its next round of testing for lead and copper during the week of August 26. The city is looking for volunteers who are willing to collect a water sample from their home. Sunnyvale staff will drop off the sample bottles with instructions for volunteers to collect their sample.


They are looking for homes built before 1982 and have had no modifications to the plumbing system.

If you agree to participate, please complete the form online to confirm eligibility by July 22. Free testing will be limited to the first 70 homes to respond and qualify.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Kevin Woodworth, Water Distribution Supervisor at 408-730-7900 or


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