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The Social Network / Rated PG-13 for sex, drugs, rock and roll as well as unreadable computer codes.

The World’s youngest ever billionaire’s story has been told. Looks easy. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook on the Harvard Campus in 2003 after being rejected by a girl he had been dating. It took a billion bucks to make him feel better and get over the heartache. The Social Network is the Oscar nominated film that shows how it all came about. Here’s what happened in a nutshell. Date tells him he is an AH. He calls her a bad name on the internet. He wants to meet new chicks but he is shy. He and a pal dream up a way to start a web page where you can check out the babes on line and maybe get to meet them. The idea is put into reality and is successful. Kind of. Since he is of college age he makes a few bad decisions. Then a few more. He has problems with his pals. Make that pal. He has trouble with would be business partners. There is not much money for the enterprise then later on there is more money than he knew existed.

A well made story about the creation of a really big on-line phenomena and the consequences to the real life of the folks involved. Double dealing, back stabbing and lots of partying keep the story going till it has no where left to go. So it ends.

Well acted and finely directed, The Social Network is a swift moving and witty story of computer coding and big money. Since it has received several preliminary film awards (as of the end of January 2011) it is one of the frontrunners in the quest for the upcoming Oscar awards.

One of the key roles are a pair of identical twins who are involved early on in the Facebook development period. No suitable twins could be found so they are played by a single individual whose face is computer generated over another actors body who appears in the scene. Also of interest is a great line in the movie which mentions famous Harvard attendees. The line will no doubt leave you wondering who the actor/actress is that they are talking about since the question is never answered. Natalie Portman is the answer. Now you know all.

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Rated 3.0 out of 4.0 gigabytes

OSCAR NOTE: I have now seen and reviewed 5 of the 10 Oscar nominees. The five unseen films include two very low budget films; The Kids are Alright and Winters Bone. Both were released, showed modest box office returns and moved to DVD. Their Oscar chances are modest at best. Inception was a big hit but unlikely to be a big Oscar winner. The Fighter and 127 Hours are the two films that could triumph at the Oscars in an upset.

Of the 5 major contenders The Social Network is reviewed herein. True Grit and The King’s Speech were 4.0 rated films both beautifully made and entertaining. The King’s Speech should be the big winner for the 2010 prize.

Black Swan is likely to provide Natalie Portman an Oscar but it is just too bizarre to go any further in its quest for Oscar Gold.

Toy Story III is a well-made finale for the Toy Story toys and is highly entertaining and fun for all. It will win for Best Animated film but, like Beauty and the Beast which was the first animated film to make it to a Best Picture nomination, Toy Story III is a real long shot to produce a winner in the top category.

As usual the Oscar’s have sent me their lists and I have picked the winners in all categories for them. You will have to wait till Oscar night to see what I have chosen. You can expect a few surprises. I will try my best to stay awake for the entire show even if it takes over 127 Hours. Wait. Did I give something away there?


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