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The Return of Cinerama/Previews only rated BG for Big Screen and Good for all viewers

In September 2012, the Cinerama 3 Screen process celebrated its 60th anniversary. One of the three theaters still able to project full three strip/projector films is in Hollywood. We attended the screening of This is Cinerama and reported the results of the restoration. We also reviewed the Smile Box/Curtain Opening introduction and the Blu-ray release of TIC. The cards and letters with questions showed up in ones. I had to hire one and a half people full-time to respond to the email questions alone. People started turning up at my house and following me into fine restaurants like Wienerschnitzel to ask for more info and show their enthusiasm.

Two of the Cinerama films in restoration should be available later this year for theater viewing and Blu-ray release. Oh boy, am I excited. I will no doubt extend the email staff to over 100 people (all paid via government grant based on the name of my enterprise, which is Green Movies Good For All) to answer your questions. I am ready.

South Seas Adventure was released in 1958. Among other big name stars you are sure to remember are Marlene Lizzio, Walter Gibbons-Fly, Eddie Titki playing himself, Ramine, and, of course, Hans Farkash as Stefan Koschek. Unlike other travelogue/documentaries in the film group, this movie was a series of stories that highlight the scenery over the acting. Reread the cast names above and you can figure out why they did this. Like any Cinerama film, this one is big and beautiful to behold. I think. I have never seen it. What I can tell you is that with full restoration, it should be big and beautiful to behold. I’m guessing this to be true. What I do know is that the score by Alex North is one of his best works.


Cinerama Holiday from 1955 was the second release. It has a vestige of a story in order to glue together the travels of two couples (four people total) to places, which include Switzerland, Las Vegas, NYC, New Orleans, Paris and St. Louis, but not in that order. The music is by Morton Gould who provided the score to Windjammer, another Cinerama release. The Swiss couple travel to the US and the US couple travel to Europe. We get to experience the holiday with them via the big triple screen; or as most of us will do via the Blu-ray and a widescreen TV. I’m sure it will also be a memorable experience.

In South Seas Adventure, watch for the big Tahitian dance number filmed at a Don the Beachcomber restaurant. Watch for Don the Beachcomber playing the part of Don the Beachcomber. In Cinerama Holiday, spot the late great writer Art Buchwald playing himself, but not at a Don the Beachcomber.

In order to see what you are in for, check out the fully restored previews on YouTube. For South Seas Adventure, visit or search the site with the term “Cinerama South Seas Adventure.” Cinerama Holiday can be found at or search for “Cinerama Holiday” to find it without much trouble.

Hope to see you at the Cinedome. Afterwards we can all go to dinner at Don the Beachcomber. Boy, am I excited.

Previews rated 4.0 out of 4.0 wide screen wonders. Really wide screen. Lots of wonders promised.


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