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The Muscle Queen Car Club Event Supports Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence

Car lovers gathered on Saturday, Oct. 19 for the “It’s Real” muscle car show put together by San Jose’s Muscle Queen Car Club. The event was put on by the club to benefit Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence.

The Muscle Queen Car Club is the Bay Area’s first all women modern muscle car club. The event exhibited 50 cars that were built, maintained and driven by women, and included trophies and raffles to benefit Next Door Solutions, Santa Clara County’s oldest and largest privately funded domestic abuse shelter, serving the community for 45 years.

“This event shows that women are not just victims of domestic abuse, but have the strength and courage to be survivors, also,” said Esther Peralez-Dieckmann, Executive Director of Next Door Solutions. “Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Stephanie Lee and the women of Muscle Queen Car Club for their tremendous support of our efforts and for their help in raising awareness about the assistance that exists for those who are dealing with domestic violence.”


This was the second year in a row the Muscle Queen Car Club held the event for Next Door Solutions — October was also National Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Next Door Solutions provides emergency housing for domestic abuse victims, along with services such as legal advocacy, assistance with filing temporary restraining orders, case consultations, and court accompaniment, crisis counseling, safety planning, case management, and assistance with basic needs.

The shelter runs and manages a 24/7 crisis hotline, operates a 24/7 emergency shelter and offers walk-in crisis counseling. The shelter fields 40 calls every day on its crisis hotline. People who are in need of help or knows someone who needs help are encouraged to call the 24-hour hotline at (408) 279-2962.

Learn more about The Muscle Queen Car Club on their Facebook page and learn more about Next Door Solutions — headquarters located at 234 East Gish Rd., San Jose — at


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  1. Josiphine compoy 1 year ago

    Well I think this is so amazing!!!My name is JOSIPHINE COMPOY I LIVE IN SAN JOSE IM 40 ‘yrs old. I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time. I want to build a woman’s car club all muscle cars. My club will be called DIAMONDS. My car club would represent strong women from around the world. For me mental health is a big thing I have females that are in a situation had a dream once upon a Time them got lost in the rough . So that’s we’re I COME IN FOR REPRESENTING MENTAL HEALTH FOR WOMEN . I want show people they can change and come back stronger then ever and and shine bright like a diamond that was in the rough. 💪. The name of my CLUB is called DIAMONDS! Shine that baby up clean it up fix it up and you will be shining like a diamond that goes for all those beautiful women around the world. Super women get together and let’s pick each other up and get stronger than ever we are heroes and are amazing Warriors. Mental health issues IS a deal… I would love some help and support 🙏 to make the dream work. There is change that’s what my club will represent DIAMONDS in the rough. srepresent you can change and you can’t do it you can’ get sober and clean and you can change your life it is possible that’s what I would love to represent I’ve been there it ain’t but now I’m shining like a DIAMOND. Pplease pass the word help me to get to help to make this program help for myself and for those people out there in need of support mental health is no joke and I would love to support all those women they can get back on their feet with just a little bit more inspiration thank you.

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