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The Dish: Celebrate the New Year at China Stix

China Stix is a spacious, well-kept restaurant with nicely coordinated traditional Chinese décor. The wait staff is exceptionally attentive and efficient. They are eager to greet clients with a warm, friendly smile. I went only days prior to the 2011 Chinese New Year and witnessed numerous well-wishes for diners from the entire staff.

After taking one look at the Live Crab entrée, the waiter graciously switched our order. Good move. It is delicious. The crab is cooked with onions and spicy peppers. The flesh is cooked to perfection so that it is still soft and pliable. The Live Lobster and Crab dishes are prepared from previously live crustaceans so you are assured the freshest possible meat.

The Chicken Two Styles, which is located under the House Specialties side of the menu, is very good. The General’s Chicken has just a hint of spice to give it a lovely flavor. It is tender and juicy. The Lemon Chicken has a tantalizingly tangy sauce and is cooked to a golden crisp. The sauces are not overdone. They are a nice compliment to the two meats, which are the stars of the dish.


The String Beans Western Style is cooked with caramelized onions and is the perfect vegetable consistency. The beans are neither hard and undercooked, nor soggy and limp. The Pu-Pu Platter is an excellent starter. Included on a sectional wooden bowl are Fried Prawns, Chicken Wings, Crab Won-ton, Egg Rolls, Paper-Wrapped Chicken and Pot Stickers. Incidentally, the restaurant’s name came from the tasty pot stickers they turn out. The Pu-Pu Platter is a nice way to sample many of their great appetizers. And to finish it off, China Stix serves an array of tempting desserts. The Coconut Jello is made of sweetened coconut milk and topped with a grated coconut garnish. The density of the jello is just right.

If you arrive in a timely manner, there is an Early Dinner Special that is served until 6 p.m. Parking is never a problem in the Mervyn’s Plaza and the location is ideal. Feel free to peruse their website at for links to their menu, information on banquets or parties and more. Upon arrival to the home page, a video clip of Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook begins. Yan says of Frank Chang, owner of the restaurant, “You know what? When I want to polish my skill, this is where I come and learn from the master … Frank is a gentleman and is passionate about food. He loves to eat as much as I do and that’s why the best of China’s cuisine is right here in China Stix.” I cannot think of a better place to celebrate the Chinese New Year than at China Stix.

China Stix
(408) 244-1684
2110 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Entrées range from $8.95 – $25.95

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