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The Dish: Have a Seat at Sara’s Kitchen

Sara’s Kitchen is a great Norman Rockwell-type café that takes you by surprise. It is like finding an unexpected gem. Not only are the prices extremely affordable, but the food is outstanding. At these prices, you can provide a great meal to the whole crew.

The Kitchen is known for breakfast, and it is served anytime. Their menu boasts the “Best Scrambles in Town.” Apparently, the scrambles and omelets are the most popular breakfast dishes. The Avocado Bacon Benedict is nothing short of delicious. The bacon is crispy and the avocado fresh while the English muffin is toasted to a golden brown. The eggs are perfectly turned out and the hollandaise sauce is flawlessly blended. It is accompanied by hash browns, homefries (mixed with yummy bell peppers) or fresh fruit. Even the coffee creamers are amazing; they come in flavors such as Caramel Macchiato and White Chocolate Mocha. The breakfast menu is so extensive, it proves hard to choose.

For lunch and dinner, many opt for the featured cheese steak sandwiches. Akin to Philly steak sandwiches, they come in numerous varieties. My waiter and cook suggested his favorite, which incidentally is not on the menu: the Teriyaki Chicken Mushroom with fresh spinach. It is delightful. The ingredients are fresh and the bun is toasty. It brings meaning to the phrase melt-in-your-mouth. The menu includes a daily special, fish & chips, salads, burgers and more.


For those who wish to satisfy a sweet tooth, desserts such as shakes, apple pie, ice cream, Tiramisu and cheesecake are available. The pie-shaped slice of Tiramisu is light and generous and is served chilled. In addition to vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, shakes come in orange, mocha, root beer, black & white or coffee.

Everyone who enters the door is sincerely treated as family. I went away calculating the next moment I would be able to return (which happened to be two days later). When I returned, I was remembered, even though I was served by a different person. Interestingly enough, I was not given a bill either time until I approached the register to pay. At Sara’s Kitchen, each customer is treated with such affableness that itemized bills are not needed by the staff.

The Kitchen is in a good location where plenty of parking is available. If you are on deadline, bring your laptop because Wi-Fi is available and it is free. Go to their website at to view the breakfast menu and print out a half off coupon for your next visit. Make sure to check the hours, however, as it is closed most days from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. And when you go, look for me as I just might be there.

Sara’s Kitchen
(408) 247-7272
1595 Franklin Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Entrées range from $6.00 – $12.95

Note: All reviews are conducted anonymously and are typically based on one visit. The Santa Clara Weekly pays for all meals. For comments, questions or suggestions, email April Jones at


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