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SVP Offers Rebate to Upgrade to Smart Panel

To promote building and transportation electrification and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Silicon Valley Power residential customers are now eligible for a rebate of $2,000 when they upgrade their electric panel to a smart panel. The rebate is available to customers to accommodate additional load from converting natural gas to electric appliances and adding a Level 2 EV charger to their home.

A smart panel allows customers to monitor and control individual circuits and may include capabilities to provide notification when equipment is running abnormally and needs service. Smart panels can also help avoid electric service upgrades, which is a benefit to the customer. It is also a benefit to the utility, as transformers don’t need to be upgraded.

Traditional electric panels are sized assuming that all appliances may be drawing power at the same time. A smart panel monitors electric loads throughout the home and automatically pauses predetermined circuits when total consumption exceeds the home’s electric capacity and allows them to resume when electric usage drops below the maximum capacity. This makes for more efficient use of the electric panel and the utility’s distribution system.


In addition to the $2,000 rebate, income-qualified customers may be eligible for a bonus rebate of $1,000 for a total of $3,000. Customers who meet the LIHEAP income qualifications may be eligible for a bonus rebate of $1,000, for a total of $4,000.

This program is available to customers who install a smart electric panel and qualifying appliance conversion or EV charger after July 1, 2022 and meet all program eligibility requirements. For complete program details, visit or click here.

The rebate is one of many ways SVP is trying to get people to become more energy conscious. Earlier this year, the power company sponsored induction cooking classes through Santa Clara Unified School District’s (SCUSD) Adult Education program with the goal of helping people understand that induction cooking will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while doing nothing to take away from the end result.


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